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Schism in Krishna Consciousness and ISKCON # 1

The Greater Krishna Consciousness Movement, Part 2


The Circular Firing Squad

Schism, Factions and Sectarianism

Initiation in Vaishnavism means, among other things, that one agrees to follow the direction of their spiritual master for the rest of their life. It is by this submission to a pure personality that sincere initiates are delivered from the burden of the past karma of many lifetimes, both sinful and otherwise. 

[PADA: Good, so Jesus takes the sins in the Christian religion, who takes the sins in the Krishna religion? No one seems to know? The GBC's gurus or their followers sometime say their gurus are sick or fallen down "due to taking sins," that means they do not have any understanding of who is qualified to take sins and who is not. The author of this article does not explain his idea of how the process works either? 

If someone in the Christian religion started saying "the conditioned soul priests are absorbing the sins and not Jesus," that would create a huge schism right out of the gate. The Gaudiya Matha / GBC / Torben Neilsen / Rocana and others are saying exactly that, that their conditioned soul "voted in messiahs" can be diksha gurus and absorb sins like Jesus, ... nope! That means they think someone like Jesus is an ordinary man, gurusuh narah matih narakah sah --- hellish idea. 

The GBC / Rocana / Toben Nielsen / Gaudiya Matha folks also say that when their conditioned soul Jesus' fall down, we need "better enforcement" to correct them for deviations. OK, so the guy in Bellvue hospital who thinks he is Jesus can continue to be promoted as another Jesus, we just need "better rules" to enforce his crazy and malefic behavior? In any case, we really cannot manage a religion where no one knows who the diksha guru is? We keep asking these people, who will give diksha?, they never reply with a specific name, because they have no one to do that. All they say is, their Bellvue messiahs "need to be managed better." Oh swell!]

Genuine deliverance is, however, dependent on the guru being genuine and the disciple being sincere. Initiated people are commonly called disciples and receive a spiritual Sanskrit name when they take their initiation vows. Uninitiated devotees are called bhakta John or bhaktin Mary, etc.

Around 1980, the initial abuses of the Zonal Acaryas caused some devotees to leave the ISKCON corporate institution to seek guidance from other disciples of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupada, Srila Prabhupada's guru. The Indian temples of these older devotees constitute the remnants of the Gaudiya Matha, the institution Srila Bhaktisiddhanta founded in the first half of the 20th century. These elder devotees, or their disciples, then initiated new people that had come from the ISKCON institution and even "reinitiated" some of Srila Prabhupada's disciples. Others leaving GBC authority heeded Srila Prabhupada's instructions to avoid his "Godbrothers." Some of them even started alternative versions of ISKCON.

[PADA: After 1978 devotees were not independently leaving ISKCON to associate with Srila Prabhupada's God brothers, rather the GBC was forcing and ordering people to accept Srila Prabhupada's God brothers as theirs and ISKCON's "shiksha gurus." Sridhara Maharaja for example was being advertised by the GBC as the "go to" person to consult. 

Anyone who doubted Sridhara Maharaja's "advice" was booted out of ISKCON. Sudheer Krishna maharaja and others were deputed by the GBC and folks like Ramesvara to consult with Sridhara Maharaja, and that is how SM became a prominent person in the entire ISKCON society. 

So the GBC itself acted as the Pied Piper leading people over to the Gaudiya Matha. And so, the GBC and their 11 gurus started this mass exodus off to the Gaudiya Matha themselves, and they are the ones who gradually introduced Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja, BP Puri, Fakir Mohan, various Babajis etc. as the "spiritual authorities" for ISKCON and its devotees. 

To imply this happened independent of GBC authority is false. The leaders started this mass exodus and in fact they are the ring leaders of this mass exodus. And I was told not to object to Sridhara Maharaja being the "shiksha guru advisor" to the GBC in 1978. You either had to accept Sridhara Maharaja as "the senior most vaishnava on the planet," or face being exiled from ISKCON.] 

"So I have now issued orders that all my disciples should avoid all of my Godbrothers. They should not have any dealings with them nor even correspondence, nor should they give them any of my books or should they purchase any of their books, neither should you visit any of their temples. Please avoid them." (Letter to Visvakarma, November 9, 1975)

[PADA: OK this letter was not even allowed to be seen because the GBC suppressed ALL of these letters. The letters were not available until Sulochana liberated them around 1985. And even then, it took quite a long time to circulate them, and of course Sulochana was killed for liberating these letters.]  

The largest of these alternatives arose in the late 80's and are the groups under the Ritvik umbrella, groups which largely disavow the possibility that anyone can become guru after Srila Prabhupada. 

[PADA: Notice what he is saying here, there is a pure devotee "possibly"? This is called mental speculation. If you can produce who this pure devotee is, why not just tell us who it is? The ritvik umbrella has also NOT been the bigger alternate umbrella, most people were going off to for example Narayana Maharaja in the late 1980s. 

NM was basically nominated by the GBC to be their "ghost writer" and he helped them put together their documents like the 1984 "Guru Reform Notebook," and NM is cited in the 1990 ISKCON Journal etc. More people went off to these Gaudiya Matha "advisors" than to the ritvik idea. Anyway great, "possibly" there is a pure devotee somewhere, and possibly I will win the lottery, and possibly I will become the number one singer on the top 10 radio show, this is all speculation (gambling).] 

They actually claim that Srila Prabhupada is still offering initiation himself, something their opponents say is counter to Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition and scripture. A rittvik, in this use of the word, is the priest who conducts the apparent initiation ceremony for new devotees on behalf of Srila Prabhupada. This group's popularity continues largely because of the ongoing scandals among those who have claimed to be guru after Srila Prabhupada.

[PADA: Well duh, as long as the gurus you folks promote keep falling, or supporting the others who are falling, then the idea of worship of the pure devotee remains the top alternate. Who else is giving the pure divyam jnanam which destroys sins (diksha) if it is not Srila Prabhupada?]

Not confined to the ISKCON institution, other more charismatic disciples of Srila Prabhupada have also set themselves up as apparent gurus in their own little institutions "outside" of that group. Some of these have also had scandals. These more organized groups of outside devotees all claim to offer some kind of alternative initiation to the GBC's arrangement.

Beyond these groups promoting their own apparent initiation processes, there are also thousands of outside devotees who don't follow any of their leadership structures. Some of them also live in non-affiliated or semi-affiliated devotee communities or have small institutions.

[PADA: Right, most people opt to stay clear of the whole post-1977 process because they see that the GBC gurus are falling, and various Gaudiya Matha gurus supported these falling gurus, so they reject the whole lot.]

Needless to say, this is more than fertile ground for sectarianism and the accompanying condemnations and name calling. Most groups claim they are the only true followers of Srila Prabhupada, and that the others are misleading or even demons. When you consider how many critics of the GBC were exploited by abusive leaders or even had children victimized by pedophiles in that institution's schools, the vitriol can sometimes shatter glass. There is something particularly galling for one who innocently followed a supposedly absolute spiritual authority and had these things happen to them - and there is no shortage of such devotees.

[PADA: Right, many GBC defenders were totally shocked and upset that their molester program was being shut down by a lawsuit. As some ex-kulis have told PADA, these PADA critics are angry -- because it was a lot of work for them to set up their program of having sexual predators as the society's acharyas, which then enabled the molesting webs, nests and infrastructure. So their many years of hard work was being chopping up. 

Most of the innocent devotees agreed with PADA, the molesting process had to be prosecuted, or else it would have continued. It had to be stopped, or at least significantly slowed down -- as happened. As a number of ex-kulis said, no one else would have EVER done ANYTHING of substance to shut this down. 

There are some other schisms, for example the molester messiah club lovers such as Sanat / Mukunda (UK) / Janardan (some New Vrndavana ex-kulis recently wanted to know who this guy was) / Prahlad (UK) / Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur / Pancali etc. who said that the molesting project had to continue to "save the corporate name of the religion." 

Same corporatism idea as the leaders of Monsanto, Dupont and similar others, we need to keep our corporate name free of scandal, never mind if innocent people have problems with our products. China recently busted 50 companies that were selling rotten products with counterfeit labels from good companies, that were making people sick and some died. Yep, people can even die, and all the leaders and supporters of the phony companies worry about is (making a buck?) and saving "the good name of the (false) corporation." 

Machiavelli said the same thing, the "good name" of King or the Church must be upheld at all costs, and if that means eliminating some critics, even killing critics, so be it. Srila Prabhupada said essentially the same things about the Gaudiya Matha, they worshiped the bricks and stones and not the citizens. Of course Sulochan just summed them all up nicely "they are putting children into a wood chipper." Another ex-kuli even recently made a video about how these corporate thinking people "are more concerned with buildings than people." And he would know! 

The author hits the nail on the head here, the real problem is that all of these criminal deviations were being orchestrated by persons posing as absolute spiritual authorities. And that made this a dangerous cult program that was hard to contest, because opposing false messiahs cannot be done without facing dangerous and dire consequences. 

That means our protesting their molesting infrastructure was very dangerous, which is why for example the Prahlad and Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur folks said they are going to send my photo to their best pals, the GBC's goondas, -- so they could get me killed, because these molester lovers club folks wanted all along to have us people who oppose their worship of molesting acharyas to be -- killed. And that is how these thinkers got Sulochana and others killed, and they are proud of their handiworks.

And this is itself creating A GIANT SCHISM, because some deviants will always support the molester messiah's program and its odious off-shoots, while some people will want to defend the children of the society, and they will have to protest, that is natural. So this will always create a conflict, as soon as some folks defend molesters -- even as the messiahs of the religion, there will always be opponents as well. That is to be expected?

Yep, tossing children into a wood chipper, Sulochana had these folks pegged, which is why these same thinkers had him killed. The good news is that the karmi police / FBI / media and courts helped us contain these people at least to some extent, and by some miracle, at least we were able to survive. At least the normal karmi citizens knew which particular slice of the various schisms was right on this issue. None of these particular schisms would have happened in the first place if people had joined us in 1980 when we said there is a child mistreatment problem, and worship of sexual predators as acharyas problem, and it needs to be rectified, or it will bite the society later on.

Another ex-Kuli tells PADA just a few days ago, all of the people who opposed PADA all along are the REAL reason the bogus gurus are still in charge of ISKCON. Our critics would rather see the molester messiahs project in charge than any of us "Prabhupada fanatics." All of this happened in part because people like Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja and others supported the bogus guru's regime and they checked us from protesting. In other words, many of the schisms worked conjointly for the purpose of suppressing the worship of Srila Prabhupada, either direct or indirect.] 

This is further exacerbated by how the GBC has, throughout all its questionable dispensations and reforms, always assumed an absolute position as Srila Prabhupada's supposed mouthpiece. They never really admit to mistakes, despite the often devastating consequences of their decisions or this policy.

[PADA: Right, Narayana Maharaja was helping the GBC write up their guru reform idea, but these people forgot, the guru does not need reform. So there are a lot of schisms, bottom line. And this is all material, as we shall discuss in future editions of this topic. ys pd]

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