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Krishna West's Mission Drift Widens

Who is Giridhari das?


He is a member of GBC. To be more precise, he is GBC's Zonal Secretary in ISKCON Brazil (he's undergoing his trial period). He runs a yoga resort project called "Paraíso dos Pandavas" which is listed on ISKCON Brazil's website as an official ISKCON project. He runs a YouTube channel from which the texts below were transcribed. He's a Brahmin initiated disciple of Hridayananda dasa Goswami.

I won't even criticize him as I think it's unnecessary. It's so obvious he's preaching apa-siddhanta that I don't even think this needs to be explained. I assume the people reading this still haven't lost their sanity and are capable to tell a liberal approach to preaching from straightforward sahajiya deviations.

So I'll let the transcription below speak for itself.

Sexo na Vida Espiritual (Sex in Spiritual Life)

Starting from 4:43:

"As vezes as pessoas pensam, "Ah, mas só pra procriação.". Não, isso não é verdade, isso não tá escrito nas escrituras. Isso é uma coisa natural. A gente vê inclusive pais de avataras nas nossas escrituras que fazem sexo por cem anos celestiais antes de ter um filho que vai ser um avatar. Então não é só uma coisa mecânica, não. Faz parte da cola da união amorosa de duas pessoas, daquele ambiente da união sagrada. E dentro desse ambiente, desse aspecto, já tá tudo bom. E claro, se tiver filhos maravilha, ótimo né, porque união sagrada também tem esse propósito importante, de gerar filhos. Mas esse não é o foco principal. O foco principal é que está dentro do dharma, dentro desse ambiente de amor, da união sagrada, e feito como uma oferenda a Krishna, em conexão. É por aí. Hare Krishna."


"Oh, but sometimes people think, "Oh, but just for procreation". No, that isn't true, that isn't written in shastra. This is a natural thing. We see even the fathers of avataras in shastra who have sex for thousands of celestial years before bearing the child who'll be an avatar. So it's not just a mechanical thing. It's part of the loving glue between two people, of the environment of that sacred union. And if it's within this environment, if it's under this aspect, then everything is alright already. Of course, if children are born, that's great, because a sacred union also has this important purpose, bearing children. But that's not the main focus. The main focus is what is inside dharma, inside this loving environment, this sacred union, and done as an offering to Krishna. That's how it goes. Hare Krishna."

Homossexualidade e Consciência de Krishna (Homosexuality and Krsna Consciousness)

Starting from 0:49:

Quem ainda fica guardando a ideia que homossexualismo é algo ruim, que é algo do mal, que impede a vida espiritual, a conexão a Deus, isso tem que acabar, isso é um conceito horrível. Homossexualidade, ou melhor dizendo, homoafetivismo, isso não tem nada a ver com a vida espiritual. Se você é homoafetivo ou heterossexual, isso não vai fazer diferença nenhuma na sua vida espiritual. A gente tem que acabar com esse conceito que isso tem alguma coisa a ver. E que sociedade é essa em que a gente está vivendo, em que as pessoas tem que se esconder e tem que ter medo de declarar que é homossexual, que é homoafetivo? Isso tem que acabar.


Whoever still has the idea that homosexuality is something bad, something evil, that impedes spiritual life, the connection with God, this must stop, this is a horrible concept. Homosexuality, or better saying, Homoaffectivity, this has nothing to do with spiritual life. If you're either homoaffective or heterosexual, it won't make any difference in your spiritual life. We must end this concept that this has anything to do [with hindering spiritual advancement]. And what kind of society is that we're living in, where people have to hide and they're afraid of declaring they're homosexual, homoaffective? This must stop.

Starting from 3:29

A gente apoia relacionamentos sérios, profundos, compromissados, ligados a Deus. Eu apoio o casamento gay.


We support serious, deep, committed, relationships bounded with God. I support gay marriage.

Starting from 4:26

É um fato biológico da realidade. Então é absurdo você taxar isso como imoral. É pecaminoso mesmo você taxar algo natural como imoral. É inaceitável. É exatamente como você taxar alguém de raça diferente, de pele diferente, "ah não, isso é imoral", não pode falar isso, é absurdo. Jamais que isso pode ser verdade. Então eu sou a favor da gente deixar isso claro. É um perigo enorme para qualquer instituição religiosa que fica indo contra essa realidade simples e natural, que há diferentes interesses sexuais, há diferentes inclinações, biologicamente gravadas, biologicamente gravadas. Então quem fica indo contra isso vai ser visto corretamente como algo inaceitável, ultrapassado, algo brutal, algo ignorante. A gente não pode aceitar. Então vamos acabar com o ódio, por favor.


It's a biological fact of reality. It's absurd that you label this as immoral. It's really sinful to label something natural as immoral. It's unacceptable. It's exactly as labeling somebody from a different race, or from a different skin. "oh no, this is immoral", you can't say that, this is absurd. This can't ever be true. So I'm in favor that we make this clear. It's an enormous danger for any religious institution to go against this simple and natural reality, that there are different sexual interests, different inclinations, which are biologically recorded, biologically recorded. So whoever insists on going against this will be correctly seen as unacceptable, old fashioned, brutal, ignorant. We cannot accept this. So no more hate, please.


It must be said I've already contacted all competent authorities the local GBC, the global GBC, ISKCON Resolve, Hridayananda dasa Goswami, Giridhari das (himself) and nobody even cared to answer my email.

Hridayananda dasa Goswami IS AWARE of what I have posted here, because I've sent him the videos I transcribed above several months ago. He's fluent in Portuguese and I know he can understand every word of what Giridhari das is saying on these videos. And he chose to do absolutely nothing about it. Maybe he agrees with what he has said.

And maybe most of Brazilian gurus and devotees agree with him, because I see Giridhari's books for sale everywhere I go, every city, every temple. People seem to take him seriously, maybe that's because they subscribe to his demoniac ideology.

[PADA: Right, biologically speaking, we are basically the same as the animals. That is not a very high standard for behavior. As we have said many times before, mostly, the gurus and leaders of ISKCON are really not able to fix the problems they are making. As some devotees told PADA recently, the GBC's gurus are mainly expert at blowing things up, they have little or no ability to fix, repair or re-build the things they blow up. True dat! Anyway, its good that more people are waking up to all this. To sum! Krishna West is drifting, and the rest of the GBC are simply asleep at the switch or worse, acquiescing. ys pd]

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  1. *** Dasa: Im not one to complain but hridayanada maharaja's blatant and offensive anti-iskcon and anti-prabhupada rhetoric--based on outrageous specualtions and concoctions like harinama sankirtana (public congregational chanting) being outdated and an embarassing public spectacle or that there is no such thing as vedic culture, or that tilaka and japa beads and devotee dress are an unecessary nuisance etc, etc--and his krishna west followers giggling along with this preposterous drivel makes my blood boil. How do the GBC and iskcon temple leaders continue to allow maharaja to gve these kind of classes and talks in iskcon centers? I would be interested in sane and sober replies to my inquiry and concerns. And also i do not hear any other senior high ranking preachers in iskcon making the kinds of statements and claims that i hear hridayanada maharaja making.


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