Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hitler Prajalpa Program (update)

PADA: A brand new bhaktin who has only read a few of Srila Prabhupada's books wrote to ask PADA why are some devotees (OK like the Prahlad / Sanat / Mukunda / HKC Jaipur folks etc.) so much obsessed with Hitler, the Zionists, the New World Order, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Monsanto, chemtrails, David Icke, the Draco demons and so on, are these not all mundane issues?

Wow! So I wrote back to tell her yes, you have a much better idea of Krishna consciousness than all these people put together. Srila Prabhupada said we should not discuss all these mundane things, or even meditate on such foolishness. So this shows how a brand new person can read a few books from Srila Prabhupada and be more elevated than people who artificially claim to read his books like the GBC and others.

I told her that she has made more progress in a few months than these guys have made in 40 years, and she should continue to make such progress by avoiding these cantankerous foolishness topics, which Srila Prabhupada says is all mundane prajalpa and a waste of human life. I also told her the real reason these people promote all this is to confuse the public about what Krishna wants, Krishna does not want us to become mundane speculators and paranoid delusional cranks.

I told her how one of these people recently sent me a video of David Icke, and he was talking about how the rings of Saturn are giant radio transmission devices made by a demoniac species meant to bombard us with radio waves to control our minds, so they are simply making people paranoid, fearful, delusional, and lacking faith in the powers of Krishna, like they are themselves. Never mind all this is speculation on steroids.

Of course then again I told her Krishna is the person who made Saturn and He does not make such things for demoniac purposes, rest assured. I also told her a number of these people self-medicate themselves with pot, since they have spun themselves into so much fear and delusions, it does not occur to them to chant the holy name for relief, they have to rely on mundane process for relief. Anyway, Krishna has no interest in all this foolishness and neither does His sincere devotees. Its amazing that she knew all by herself that these people are fully controlled by maya, and she simply asked me for confirmation. ys pd



  1. Right, a few 98 years old WW II veterans in the old folks home are the only people still left who are that much interested in WW II, whereas the mass of young people have no interest at all in these topics. OK none really! That is what this young woman was asking basically, are these old WW II vets posing as Krishna devotees? Heh heh heh. Prahlad of course proudly tells me his Hitler video program is "getting lots of hits" ok, so that means he is proud that he is confusing the mass of people by juxtaposing all his prajalpa foolishness with Krishna. Anyway, the good news is that most of the average devotees and outside persons know these guys are paranoid cranks, and they do not represent the actual religion of India and Krishna. And yes, it is amazing that a brand new person who has read only a few Krishna type books can see these guys are paranoid delusion people and not factual devotees of God. Agreed! ys pd

  2. Correct. These anti-Illuminati guys are never going to engage any tangible lawsuit against the Illuminati, the Zionists, the Draco demons, or even the GBC, its all mis-direction, smokescreen and diversion, which helps the bad guys. And that explains why they are against us and Bangalore making actual legal programs against the evil doers, they do not want any actual action to be undertaken, what to speak of actual legal process against the bad guys. ys pd


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