Saturday, August 20, 2016

ISKCON Belfast Community Demands Praghosha Resign

[PADA: OK the GBC are apparently moving the deity and selling the Belfast temple, against the wishes of the community. This is making more sense now, this is typical GBC goonda behaviors. Of course, since people like Praghosha are loyal paid up servants, they cannot expect the GBC to get rid of him. 

They need loyal lackeys to do their dirty work, like stealing deities and selling temples. They are also selling the New York Temple, against the wishes of the community, etc. Where is all this money going? Well some suspect its being used for the multi-million dollar Bombay lawsuit against the Prabhupadanugas. Right, this is all about money, and collecting more money from the Hindus, who knew? ys pd]

Praghosh Das-(uk) (GBC) DEMAND He Resign as GBC--NOW--


Belfast Deities Taken in the Night


Just wanted to let everyone know that during the night from Monday 15/08/2016 to Tuesday 16/08/2016 while all temple residents were sleeping, ISKCON authorities Praghosa dasa GBC, Manu Das, Bhagavati dasi, and Krishna Katha das from Ireland and Northern Ireland have stolen our Sri Sri Radha Madhava Deities from ISKCON Belfast temple.

It was planned by the same authorities without any discussion with community members to move the Deities to ISKCON Leicester temple on August 19, 2016 after the Balarama festival and before Janmashtami, because they was planning to collect great donations from Hindu devotees on Janmashtami day. No doubt Leicester temple is a more profitable place than Belfast temple.

But authorities did not keep their promise to let Belfast devotees have a last darshan of Sri Sri Radha Madhava on August 18th, and took Them earlier.

Just wanted ISKCON Leicester devotees know that the Radha Krishna Deities came to Leicester in a not very auspicious way. Belfast temple do not have any Deities any more, the altar is empty, and soon Ireland leaders will sell this temple and will use the money the way they want.

While Leicester devotees will enjoy darshans and blessings from different Deities, Belfast devotees will suffer from separation from their beloved Sri Sri Radha Madhava, Who stayed in Belfast the last 35 years.

Please recommend us how Belfast community can live without Deities, and in the close future without a temple, and still raise their children?

Please share this information with devotees. Maybe somebody will be able to help us to solve this unfair action with devotees in Belfast.

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