Thursday, August 18, 2016

I Want My Money Back!

Anon Das: Just read your comments and sums up pretty much how i feel...
"I recently took reinitiation from Indradyumna after Satsvarupa advised me to take it from another Iskcon guru. This is the 4th initiation from a "pure devotee" Iskcon guru. Once with permission of the previous guru who advised me after his falldown to stay in Iskcon (official policy, their confessing letters are written under GBC supervision).
Kirtananda Swami - first initiation
Harikesa Swami- first and second
Satsvarupa Swami - first and second
Indradyumna-first and second
I feel like rejecting my present guru as well now, seeing reports on his over association with women and buying expensive trinkets, and that makes me a true guru-hopper. I hereby end all my loyalty to GBC guidelines and Iskcon altogether. Of course all the money I gave is now officially gone. I want my money back !

[PADA: Right, you'd think by now the GBC would have a policy that their people should just worship Srila Prabhupada -- so that their people will not lose faith in ISKCON. But alas, they do not really care about ISKCON losing many or most of its citizens. At the same time, we are getting some questions about why the GBC is always spending millions on foolish projects like suing the Prabhupada devotees. Good question, these poor devotees are giving their money, then their money is going for foolish projects like suing anyone who worships Prabhupada? Then they wonder why people are losing interest in giving money ... and thus some temples are in very bad repair etc.? ys pd] 

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