Monday, August 1, 2016

Breastmilk Won't Be Prasadam?

[PADA: A woman needed to get initiated by a GBC guru, or her breastmilk would not be prasadam? OMG.]

Jayadvaita Swami (JAS) is initiating again???

Not that it matters to me, it doesn't.....

When JAS initiated the lady in Leicestershire a few years back, I was shocked. Almost over two decades ago in SA I remember there being many many brahmacaris that wanted to take from him, but for years I remember maharaj's staunch mantra to EVERYONE was that he no longer accepts anymore disciples. I even spoke with him about this very same topic in person .... he makes it very clear that he doesn't want to initiate and for those who do wish to have a connection should then take from his disciple KKS.

But to my surprise he has yet again accepted another disciple .... ??

I guess there is always an alternative to the rule!

Bend it to suit your needs or gains, or maybe manipulation was used to force others to bend their rules.....(like for example 'I have to initiate her or her breast milk will not be prasadam' ..... that kinda nonsense, or 'BCS is insisting and pushing that I give her initiation and .....' These are just a couple examples)
Whatever the case, this appears like cherry picking..... If it is 'NO' the first time, second, third, 90th, 200th.... it should ALWAYS be 'NO' ......

I can change my mind about anything I've said in the past if I wanted to, but I'm nobody to anyone, I do not belong to any spiritual movement, nor do I represent any institution or body so it doesn't really matter whether I change my mind or cherry pick..... But when a person of spiritual standing, reputation and seen as an authoritative figure or guru or priest does the same, it is an issue. 

They should all be held responsible to restrictions and rules they place themselves into; making bold statements and then retracting it on any occasion whenever they like without any question.... Just keep it simple, it's either 'YES I accept disciples' or 'NO I do not accept....' And knowing that a guru doesn't want to initiate any further, why ask at all? Why not respect his wishes? That's what many of us did back in the day, we wouldn't even approach him because it was well known he was refusing many devotees all round SA...and heard him say it many times!

Anyway, forgive the outburst, that was my two minute soapbox rant, the news only just consolidates my reasons for leaving the to get back to normality ....X

[PADA: More typical GBC contrary madness. Yup!]

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  1. Right. The GBC says you'd need to worship their illicit sex acharyas program in order to get to God, and offer your food to their illicit sex gurus, or else you are not getting prasadam. Yep your are right! This is like saying, the only way to offer food to God is -- to offer it to Satan. I know, it is what they are basically saying, agreed. And anyone who does not offer their food to Satan is banned, beat and worse. You got it! ys pd


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