Sunday, August 21, 2016

Self-styled Cow Protector Arrested

[PADA: It seems the main problem for cows in India is that the cows are foraging around in garbage piles, often filled with plastic bags and who knows what kinds of toxic materials, which is making them get very sick and causes their death. In short, cows need to be protected by managing them and making arrangements for their welfare. There are also many cows who died recently in a drought, because no one gave them water. In sum, India needs a factual "gau raksha" program, and simply beating up a few cow transporters is not going to fix this mess. Some of the Dalits (untouchables) were also cleaning up the dead bodies of these cows after they died, but many of them are now on strike and they are not going to remove the bodies of the dead cows. And this is causing yet another problem. Again, no real system of taking care of these issues has been put together. The government needs to make a comprehensive cow management program. ys pd]  

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