Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Eleven Princes (revised edit)

[PADA: Very nice work. We are glad the group of younger people is forming up, and they are taking up the cause of bringing down the GBC's false princes. Our Prabhupadanuga program is growing, and these folks are helping us educate people on the actual orders of the actual acharya Srila Prabhupada. 

This work in bringing down Jayadvaita swami is growing, we are getting some very positive replies about its effectiveness, even from devotees living inside ISKCON, that the mood is that more and more people are getting tired of the GBC's for supporting a rascal like Jayadvaita. Some official ISKCON people also wrote to tell me -- they too are giving up on Jayadvaita and they support our view that he is a deviant. We need more such soldiers and educators to expand this work. We need to reestablish who is the actual acharya of ISKCON, and that is gradually happening by Krishna's grace. Bravo!

Its amazing how the few remaining people who are attached to the old guard are having such a hard time letting go of their 11 princes regime. Isn't it time to let go of your ship of fools? ys pd]    

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  1. Thanks prabhu, yes I have seen where Mukunda UK (Prahlad and HKC Jaipur group) is saying Omkara's videos have no credibility and are useless etc. That is because these guys are promoting videos of Radhanath's cheer leaders like Bhakta das. Yep, we all need to hear from the lotus lips of the defenders of the GBC's 11 princes program. Yep you are right, they are the ones with no credibility. ys pd


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