Friday, September 11, 2015

ISKCON Advertises Narayana Maharaja Program

[PADA: Yep, many of the GBC gurus were "consulting" Narayana Maharaja starting around 1984 when he was helping them put together their "Guru Reform." What exactly is a "reformed guru" you might ask yourself? And NM helped Satsvarupa Das Goswami put together their "guru voting" program. What exactly is a voted in guru you might ask? 

Of course the first thing NM's "guru reform" program did was -- to reinstate Bhavananda, excommunicate Sulochana, and declare that we were "offending a great devotee like Kirtanananda."   This article even mentions that a number of GBC were meeting with NM "every day." And NM was being advertised by many GBC as their "rasika guru." Meanwhile, NM said our idea of emphasis on Srila Prabhupada was the bogus ritvik idea. 

What is amazing here is -- this article admits that the GBC were forming their "gopi rasika classes" program with NM all through the 1980s - 1990s, and that NM was one of their big advisors and Tamal's right hand man. That means the GBC created the mass exodus over to the NM program, and they still are. In fact this official ISKCON site is STILL openly saying ISKCON is a dried out cake and we STILL need to be with the NM program. OK, except the NM program has ALSO been the biggest defenders and promoters of the GBC's gurus. If the GBC's guru program has been the dried and bogus program, why did NM defend and promote it? 

The GBC is still advertising that ISKCON is "dry as a bone" because we all need to consult with the NM folks, that is what they said in the 1980s. Notice, this site is an ISKCON site approved of by the GBC, and they are still advertising for NM. How come ISKCON is still promoting NM, despite he said so many offensive things about Srila Prabhupada and his policies, -- and worse, he was a big cheer leader of the "dried out cakes" GBC's gurus, and NM said these GBC gurus are bona fide and that we were wrong to criticize this bogus process? Good news! We said these GBC's gurus were dried cakes in the 1980s, and this means the NM folks have finally caught up to PADA on this point. ys pd]   

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