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Hrdayananda and the GBC's Ship of Fools

[PADA: The GBC apparently knew for a long time that Hrdayananda: Promotes gay marriage; Promotes the Gaudiya Matha folks and people like Narayana Maharaja (causing a huge exodus from ISKCON); He has repeatedly been seen "too closely associated with women" -- and sitting around with large groups of women etc.; He has "not been chanting his rounds"; He has "not been attending temple programs"; He pleaded to reinstate Bhavananda; He dresses in karmi clothes and not as a sannyasa; He says offensive things about Srila Prabhupada; He started "Krishna West" to counteract many of Srila Prabhupada's directives -- and really the list of his deviations is endless, but the GBC still gives him use of the ISKCON name for his website and he is still being worshiped as "a guru" by many people in and around ISKCON with direct or de facto support from the GBC. 

It almost seems like the more one wanders off the reservation of Krishna's teachings, the higher the GBC places one in their totem pole of respect and authority. What amazes us is that as soon as we do not want to worship a guy who is engaged in all these deviations, then the GBC finds a spare $20 million dollars to sue us for the crime of -- not worshiping Hrdayananda's ship of fools. 

The good news is that more and more people are saying, hey, enough with the GBC's and their Hrdayananda and Jayadvaita program, thus more and more people are bailing out of this ship of fools and they accepting our idea of worship of Srila Prabhupada. And the other good news is that more and more people are FINALLY speaking out, ok its a day late and a dollar short, but hey, its better late than never. 

Good luck getting the GBC to remove Hrdayananda, the GBC is Hrdayananda's twin brother, and that is why they have promoted this guy as their messiah all this time. Same problem the GBC is having with Jayadvaita, almost everyone hates his book changes and his complaints about Srila Prabhupada pooja, but hey, they are sticking with their guy because, they are also Jayadvaita's twin brothers. ys pd]  

Hrdayananda dasa Goswami the "bete noire" of ISKCON


The links below illustrate the seemingly never-ending chronicle of the leader of "Krsna West", H.H. Hrdayananda dasa "Goswami" (HdG). How much longer will sincere and dedicated ISKCON devotees have to tolerate this affront to Srila Prabhupada and the purva-acaryas?
His deviations are too many to tabulate but some that come to mind are:

Now certainly H.H. Hrdayananda dasa "Goswami" is responsible for his own fall downs and deviations. But the question arises as to why this has gone on for so long when the first really obvious symptoms that there was a problem were visible in the mid 1980s and early 1990s, such that the LA temple for all intents and purposes banned HdG from giving classes etc. And it has only gotten progressively worse since then with his deviations contaminating a large number of ISKCON devotees because the GBC did nothing. Deviant followers of HdG claim that if HdG were wrong then the GBC would sanction him but instead have approved his "Krsna West" program, therefore he is bona fide.

One reason usually cited was that HdG was a senior Vaisnava preacher with an illustrious past who had done much to spread ISKCON in Central and South America during Prabhupada's time prior to 1977. So HdG was a glorious "hero" from ISKCON's past. This totally blinded them to the obvious fact that while he may have been a hero in the past he was a villain post 1977 to the present. That in fact, he was ISKCON's own version of France's Marshal Petain, who was hero of WWI but a traitor in WWII. But the French, unlike the GBC, quickly understood that Petain was a traitor to their cause and did the needful in a timely manner.

Thus the real responsibility for this travesty lies wholly with the iGBC for allowing abundantly clear deviations to go on for decades with predictable pernicious effects on ISKCON. And, even more astoundingly the GBC sanctioned HdG to have his Krsna West program after which his "ping pong" and other lilas manifested.

Whenever things got too hot the GBC would send its representatives to investigate and correct HdG, but to no effect whatsoever. Why no effect? Because the GBC sent persons who were "fellow travelers" sympathetic to HdG's deviations. Sending Anutthama Prabhu, Ravindra Svarupa Prabhu, Bir Krsna Goswami or Bhakti Marga Swami and in fact most but not all members of the NA GBC to investigate HdG would be like sending Marx and Engels to investigate Lenin. (There are some notable exceptions in the NA GBC like HH Badrinarayana Swami and few others who have warned the GBC about HdG and urged them to deal with him seriously, but their warning fell on the deaf ears of fellow travellers who secretly supported HdG.

So now because of no strong decisive action by the GBC to stop him HdG has become confidant that he can get away with anything and is progressively more deviant. (He considers himself a "progressive.")

We therefore request the leading members of ISKCON India to loudly protest and pass a resolution demanding that the GBC take very strong and stern action against this traitorous rogue "sannyasi" so that we never ever have to hear complaints about him again.

yhs Srivas das

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