Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4th is Sulochana's Appearance Day (Sulochana Assassination TV Show)

[PADA: In the mid 1980s Sulochana left his residence in New Vrndavana and drove to Berkeley California to work with the PADA editor, so we could join forces to counteract the bogus GBC gurus. He immediately began writing his own document "The Guru Business" to oppose the GBC's gurus. Meanwhile, I was writing a document called "Our Living Guru" and other shorter pamphlets.

Sulochana later on gave me a microfiche copy of "the letters" and we began to read, analyze and publish these letters, please try to realize that at that time these letters had not been published -- before we began to do that. Then he also got an audio copy of the so-called "appointment tape" which we listened to, analyzed, discussed at length, and which was finally published as a written transcript. No other complete transcript existed at that time. Even today, the version we published is the only full and accurate version. Sulochana began to suspect some splicing or dubbing existed on this tape.

In an event, we knew all along our lives were in extreme danger because the leaders wanted to suppress these documents. Indeed, after he was assassinated, the police told me "you are next on the (GBC's?) hit list." In other words, anyone opposing the self appointed GBC gurus at the time risked -- getting assassinated. At the present time -- ALL of the people quoting these letters, the appointment tape, the will, and similar other documents, are ALL doing so thanks to our work in the mid-1980s because we liberated ALL of these documents.

Yes its a fact, we knew all along some of these leaders had targeted those of us bringing out Srila Prabhupada's documents -- for violence -- or worse. At the time, Sulochana did not have a job and so he was getting "donations" from people like me to sustain himself, which unfortunately was not very much since we were struggling financially ourselves. He lived super austerely in a Dodge cargo van (which is also where he was eventually shot). So he sacrificed to live very austerely so that others would get these documents.

Anyway, his work and his murder eventually lead to an FBI raid on the New Vrndavana property, and this substantially helped bring down the GBC's guru process, from which they have never recovered. And he also helped re-establish that Srila Prabhupada is the actual acharya of ISKCON.

Happy birthday Sulochana!

He said to me several times, "Me and America have the same birthday, if I cannot become a devotee in America, then no one else can either, I have to make it work." Sometimes people complained that me and Sulochana were "bogus gopis." Sulochana used to slap his knees laughing and he would say, "That is correct, we are the bogus gopis, which means, do not mess with us bogus gopis! And since we are the bogus gopis, and we are the main people with enough kshatriya spirit to challenge these rascals, then that means, everyone else has a long way to go -- to get to be as brave as the bogus gopi's level of advancement."

Yes, Sulochana was quite a comedian as well as everything else, and he always made me laugh even in the most dire of times. Sulochana told me on our last meeting "I will probably never see you again." Two days later, he was dead. He had lots of faith in Srila Prabhupada and Krishna, and no doubt Krishna has moved him into a better place. ys pd]

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