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Gaura Govinda Maharaja's Demon Guru Samparadaya

Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja:
There are ten nama-aparadhas, offenses to the holy name. The first is sadhu-ninda, blaspheming a sadhu. This is the most serious aparadha. Other types of aparadhas can be rectified, but if you commit sadhu-ninda, vaisnava aparadha, blaspheming sadhu, guru, vaisnava, that offense cannot be rectified or destroyed. There is no atonement. The offender will lose all of his bhakti-sukrti.

[PADA: Correct. Most of the "acharyas" promoted by Gaura Govinda Maharaja have been falling down, because they have been committing offenses. Of course this begs the question, why has GGM been promoting these offenders as his and ISKCON's acharyas? Satsvarupa for example writes "the more I chant, the drier it gets." Thus the "gurus" GGM has been promoting have lost their taste for bhakti, that is self evident. Why has GGM promoted these offenders that are losing their taste for bhakti as his and ISKCON's -- acharyas?

GGM is correct, for him and his GBC to say that Krishna's acharyas are often debauchees or demons is a major Vaishnava aparadha. PADA editor was very surprised in the 1980s to find that Gaura Govinda Maharaja was propping up, and even ghost writing "position papers" for, the GBC's gurus, for example his "Guru Tattva" booklet, wherein GGM says gurus are (or they often become) demons (asuras). God's successors are sometimes or many times -- demons? And GGM wrote the 1988 GBC paper "Gurus Become Demons," because he was behind the scenes their big supporter. 

Since the GBC gurus are often demons, why is GGM supporting that process? 

After giving us a demon for our guru, then GGM advises us in his writings, we should find another guru (who was voted in by the same persons he is now saying are demons). 

01) Why is GGM saying that acharyas are (or they can become) demons? 
02) Which religion starts out by saying to the public -- their gurus are often demons? 

Yes, come and join our church! We often worship demons over here! That means GGM is trying to turn people away from Krishna, by saying most of His acharyas are demons. 

03) The first wave of gurus we gave you were mostly demons, no problem! 
04) We will give you another wave of gurus, who were voted in by the first wave of demons. Yes, the same persons we just announced are demons are going to vote in another wave of persons who will be your gurus.
05) Why is GGM saying gurus are demons, or they are voted in by demons? 
06) Since GGM says the first wave of his gurus contains demons, how can the original demon guru wave vote in a second wave of gurus? Which previous acharyas were demons, or voted in by demons? 
07) Where did GGM find this idea that acharyas are often demons -- or voted in by demons?
08) Then, GGM says since the gurus his program crams down your throat are often demons, you need to pray to Krishna to get a good guru. OK but why is he cramming demon gurus down our throats in the first place? GGM has a license to cram demon gurus down our throats, then we have to pray to Krishna to stop GGM from doing that?   

This is like a bank robber saying, "Well if you do not like me robbing banks, pray to God to make me stop." Why should we have to pray to God to have GGM's program stopped? Why does he not know that his program of making demons into gurus is bogus, and he should stop his bogus program himself?    

09) Why is GGM saying his program of making demon gurus will only be stopped by God, GGM is not going to halt doing his own crimes himself? "I am only going to quit smoking cigarettes when God grabs the cigarettes out of my hands." Why does God have to repair your foolishness? 

GGM's logic is very foolish: "I am going to drive my car onto your foot, and park it there. Then, you'll have to pray to God to have Him drive the car back off your foot. Unless God drives my car off your foot Himself, my car stays on your foot" Does this make any sense? 

10) Why does GGM drive his car onto people's feet in the first place? 
11) Why does GGM say God has to fix his deviations, he is not going to do squat diddley to help his victims? 
12) Who authorized GGM to drive his car onto people's feet? 
13) And why does God have to patch up GGM's foolish idea that he is authorized to cram bogus gurus down other's throats? 
14) And how come these people never answer these points?]    

GGM: Mahaprabhu says that vaisnava-aparadha is like a mad elephant. If a mad elephant enters into a garden then the elephant will pull out all of the creepers and trees from their roots. Everything will be finished. From the very root, bhakti is finished. Such an offender cannot develop krsna-prema.
How can one become free from such an aparādha? You must beg excuse at the lotus feet
of the sadhu or vaisnava against whom you have committed the aparādha. The only means to become
free from this offense is if he excuses you.

[PADA: So why didn't GGM beg forgiveness from Krishna and Srila Prabhupada for claiming their guru successors are often demons?]

GGM: In the beginning you have attachment to your body, bodily relations, home and hearth, wife,
son, daughter, friend, family members, kith and kin. For those who have come to this path of bhajana, if they regularly associate with sādhu-vaisnavas and hear krsna-kathā from their lips, then all these attachments will be finished. Then you will develop attachment to the lotus feet of Krishna. 

[PADA: As soon as a person takes shelter of Srila Prabhupada GGM says this is the bogus ritviks idea, and he stops people from accepting Krishna's representative.] 

GGM: Therefore it is said, mahat-sanga vimuktir dvah — association with the mahatma, pure
sadhu, guru, vaisnava, opens your door to the spiritual kingdom. But if you associate with atheists, non-vaisnavas, offenders, especially if you associate with women or persons very much addicted to women, then you will open your door towards hell, tamo-dvaram. Neophyte sadhakas, those who have come for sadhana, should be very, very careful in this regard. They should become greedy to regularly get association with sadhu-vaisnavas. If you regularly associate with sadhus your material attachment will
gradually be destroyed and you will develop attachment to Krishna. 

— From a lecture in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, 3rd May 1994

[PADA: OK so GGM knows that his gurus are often debauchees, and yet he tells people they need to not only associate with these debauchees but worship such deviants as acharyas. That means, people will not get the taste of bhakti ruci, which comes from the worship of the pure devotees. In any case what is amazing is that GGM is voted in at Bhavananda's recoronation, then he lectures people about how we should not worship deviants because this is the path to hell, and yet he is pushing people onto that path by promoting the worship of deviants and getting voted in at the recoronation of deviants posing as acharyas. ys pd] 

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