Monday, July 6, 2015

45 Unexplained Deaths in Vyapam Scam

[PADA: Apparently, people who are opposing a cheating scam are dying off in suspicious circumstances, and a number of the surviving opponents suspect -- poison -- is causing a number of these deaths. Is this also why its so hard for folks to curtail the corrupt gurus over there, because of a widespread problem of corruption, -- and the general fear of operations that have "friends with the police or government figures in high places"?

Of course, it the opponents to corruption are mysteriously dying, and a number of the survivors are assuming there is a poisoning program, that stalls everything and makes it harder to get further testimony and so forth, all of which simply clogs up the justice process all the more. Then again, the apparent widespread use of poison raises some alarm bells for us.

Unfortunately, this shows how desperate some of these people are -- to move ahead in material prosperity. They are tossing out Vedic dharma to be more materially successful, Westernized, and falsely ahead in the social pecking order. This is very sad, it means some folks in India is falling more and more into Kali Yuga's powers and influences. ys pd]

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