Monday, July 6, 2015

Devotees Seriously Wounded in Chitagong Attack

[PADA: Chitagong is a coastal city on the Eastern part of the bay. I have a few photos of the injured devotees but decided they are too graphic to post.] 

Yesterday night was a terrible night for the devotees of the ISKCON TEMPLE at Potiya, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Its a holy land because it is the place where the intimate associates of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Vasudeva dutta and Mukunda dutta appeared. 

In this holy land a group of terrorists attacked the ISKCON TEMPLE devotees and brutally injured many devotees. Among of them a devotee named Jagadjiban Prabu struggling with potential death. Its a terrible moment for the devotees, please all of u pray for the devotees.

Meanwhile last update is the local police administration is now trying to catch the criminals who are involved in this incident. Some senior devotees of Iskcon Chittagong are trying heart and soul to handle the situation. Especially Lilaraj Gour das a senior devotee of Iskcon Pravortak Sri Krishna temple is investigating the whole situation and trying to take required steps for resolving the current situation of that temple. Pls share it to all. Hare krishna.

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