Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Guukuli issue (update) 5/28/13

Dear ****** dasa, Few kulis joined my cause? Well yes and no. Most of them have been influenced by their parents, who said all along I was WAY too heavy. Most of the parents said my idea that there was a huge molesting problem was false, over-blown, if not an offense to the leaders, starting around 1980 when I first began to make public this topic. 

The parents hated me for the most part, and many still do. They think my addressing this children abuse issue was just plain foolish and "against ISKCON." Again, many parents still do say that, thus many of the kids listened to their own compromised parents, and the kids compromised too. 

However, once we started the case, over 1,000 victims wanted to sign up, meaning, eventually the children were starting to catch up what I was saying, otherwise they would not have all wanted to sign up like this. Again, many parents told their kids not to sign up, and many of these parents begrudge me still for even ringing the alarm on the problem. 

Some parents even told me -- the children's suicides are good, who cares, let em get out of the way instead of causing troubles. Thus, many of the kids in different ways got very upset at the rejection of their suffering by most of the ISKCON adults as well, so now they do not want to be associated with either party, neither me because their parents are against me, nor their parents and / or the GBC since they are not fully with them too, so there is social pressure not to be part of my idea or any idea. 

What has happened around San Francisco for example, most of these ex-kids are now not associated with any idea, they never come to the temple here in the San Francisco area, ever, ever, FOREVER they have simply gone off to live separate lives from the whole process. They are not joining anyone. That does not change the fact that I was right to raise the alarm on the issue? 

Anyway we are getting a whole new wave of mostly younger people, we just had four initiations ceremonies in four separated countries, so we are getting a fresh and brand new wave of new people now, and they ARE working with our Prabhupadanuga idea, and reading our web sites and so forth. As Srila Prabhupada says, I am not running a popularity contest here. 

I did what was right, Srila Prabhupada's children were committing suicide, and so I did something to help, and it did help, there were fewer suicides after that. I helped when almost no one else would. And I was beaten with shoes ever since for even making any attempt to save their lives. Whether I get credit or not, I do not care. I did what had to be done, plain and simple. If I move a baby carriage out of the road that is in the path of a speeding car, and save the baby, whether the mother of that baby then kisses me, or hits me in the head with a shoe, it does not matter, my trying to save the baby was and is the right thing to do. 

And Jvalamukhi just confirmed that there is a lot of suicidal tendency in this group, and that the court case was FORCIBLY waking everyone up to the issue, so more people are agreeing with me, because that is what happened and I was right about it all along. I may or may not ever get credit, that is not my purpose for doing things. ys pd 

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