Sunday, May 26, 2013

Anarchy will not work either ... !

Dear Jarek prabhu, You are saying the GBC’s bogus gurus idea is wrong, and the GBC’s bogus living guru idea is wrong, and our idea of worship of the pure devotee is also wrong, then you have proved my point, you are not promoting anything. You are against all ideas? You have no idea of your own? The worship of the GBC gurus is wrong, the living guru argument is wrong, and our idea to continue the worship of the pure devotee is also wrong, so you are promoting the worship of — no one and nothing. 

That is what we said you were doing more than a year ago and you are still doing that? Worse, you are saying the Christians and their Church is a bad idea, so you want people to live like barbarians and have no civilized culture at all? You want lawless anarchy, no structure to the culture whatsoever, tear it all down, no more church, no more religion, and since the police and courts are based on the Church’s teachings, we should remove all that — and we will be living like barbaric cave men? Why is that the better idea? You are an anarchist. Anarchists want to tear it all down, but they have nothing to replace it with. That is what we thought you were saying. ys pd

[PADA NOTE: Same problem we are having with folks like Rocana, Sanat, Mukunda, Enver etc. The GBC is no good, the ritviks are no good, nobody and nothing is any good, just take everyone else down, and then they have .... no program to promote at all? None of these people has any developed programs whatsoever, nor are any likely to develop anything at all, ever, at least within this kalpa. Rocana even has to invent the names of people who write to him because, no one else is part of his process. Its just anarchy. This is described in the Gita, people become bewildered, frustrated, and then they reject all processes, and they end up with -- nothing. That is not the way forward prabhu, sorry. At least our ritvik ideas is building some sort of framework to build -- at least -- something. Sheesh! ys pd]  

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