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Some ISKCON folks: PADA's parrots?

The original guru

Some ISKCON devotees are PADA's parrots?

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By His Grace Radhakrsnadasa Brahmacari (GKG) of ISKCON branch of Sri Gaudiya Vaisnava Sampradaya of the overall Sanatana Vedic Dharma

CC Madhya 22.74: A prakrita-bhakta, or materialistic devotee, does not purposefully study the sastra and try to understand the actual standard of pure devotional service. Consequently he does not show proper respect to advanced devotees. He may, however, follow the regulative principles learned from his spiritual master or from his family who worships the Deity. He is to be considered on the material platform, although he is trying to advance in devotional service. Such a person is a bhakta-praya [neophyte devotee], or bhaktabhāsa, for he is a little enlightened by Vaisnava philosophy.

Thus ends the quoted excerpt from CC. But still the contenders will argue based on these quotations of BVT. Humility cannot be applied in front of ‘jnana-lava-durvidagdha-lokas’ (refer to Bhakti Sandarbha) who not only want to deliberately not understand the sastric siddhanta, but also want to distort it and when they are stopped in their adventure, they want to and taint and curb the efforts of those who propagate the true siddhanta.

[PADA: Correct. Previously, there has been no scriptural or historical record of any Vaishnavas -- for the past trillions of years -- who were claiming that the Lord's successors and acharyas are engaged in illicit sex, drugs, and all types of debauchery -- as the current deviated ISKCON GBC has been doing since 1977. Nor would any previous Vaishnavas dare utter such bogus apa-siddhanta ideas. 

Of course, at the height of the child molesting, murders and so forth, Gopal Krishna swami said he had to be "voted in" as a GBC guru because he complained "there are no Indian bodied gurus, only white bodied gurus." This man is evidently in the worst order of bodily concept of life, hence, he was immediately made a GBC guru. There are simply no examples of  people being made into gurus because they have a particular national birth or material classification, this is all smarta vada. Then again, why anyone would want to be voted into an illicit sex with men, women and children messiahs program means, they are corrupt themselves. Also notice the bogus GBC is so foolish, they voted him in based on his material body argument.  

The idea of "gurus are falling into debauchery" is of course a totally bogus GBC induced concoction that has only occurred post 1977 with these bogus GBC's gurus, and the other members of the molester messiah club's cheer leading assistants like Bhakti Vikas Swami, Gopal Krishna swami, Bir Krishna swami, Trivrikrama swami etc. As soon as we say that the Lord's messiahs are not deviants, child molesters and criminals, this giant herd will jump on us like a ton of bricks, and kick on our heads with their giant gestapo jack boots. They will also have us removed from ISKCON property, because we are not inclined to worship their -- "perverts as God's messiahs" -- project. Of course, anyone who promotes "perverts as God's messiahs" is definitely going to get a very serious sun burnt toasting job on the lower planets after they leave this body. That is clearly what shastra says.

Yes, RKD is correct, as soon as someone says "this is a concoction" (or what RKD says is -- a distortion) then one is branded as a "dissenter", and one is "tainted and curbed" and one is viciously removed from ISKCON and villified as "an offender" an so on. And sometimes the dissenters are "curbed" even further with beatings and murders. RKD has described exactly the dangerous conditions for Vaishnavas in post-1977 ISKCON.]

PADA: Of course even the GBC admits their "voted in guru system" is totally bogus: 

Sattvic das: In addition to ISKCON’s current guru system not having any order from Srila Prabhupada to justify its existence, the GBC’s official “brain”, the “Sastric Advisory Council” (SAC), has said that the process by which it does authorise gurus, via voting them in, is not based on “guru, sadhu and sastra”:

“Our present system has institutionalized a process of senior devotees voting or offering no-objection to prospective gurus. But we do not find that this institutionalized blessing seeking process is mentioned by guru, sadhu or sastra as the way that one is authorized to become a guru.”
(Balancing the roles of the GBC and the disciple in Guru selection, SAC)

Any more eye openers? Let me remind you what our Srila Prabhupada so boldly and conclusively stated.

"Unless one is a resident of Krishna Loka, one cannot be a Spiritual Master. That is the first proposition. A layman cannot be a Spiritual Master, and if he becomes so then he will simply create disturbance. "
(SP Letter Mukunda 6/10/69).

RKD: If humility is shown to these people, such humility will become the object of mere joke for them. 

[PADA: Right, we have to expose these bogus GBC gurus publicly, because if we show them humility and try to acquiesce with them, they think this is simply a joke. They laugh at the compromisers because that empowers them all the more. Very good analysis. This is why a new devotee said to me recently, the people he despises the most are the "senior devotees" who hang out around ISKCON temples to to get some free "prasadam," or other cheap hand out hand me-downs assets from these bogus gurus, as well as creating a society of cheap social recognition at these GBC's guru's temples. This simply helps along these bogus gurus.]

RKD: After all, our preceptors like SBSST, Baladeva Vidyabhusana and Jiva Gosvami have also set many examples where they forsook external humility in order to solidly set the right siddhanta.

[PADA: Quite correct, opposing the bogus GBC/ Bhakti Vikas swami "guru system" can be deadly for any Vaishnava. Dr. J Stilson Judah confirm that to me, he said "Your life in is danger, these people killed Sulochana and they will very likely try to kill you ... watch your back." And if we are "externally humble" like Taru, Chatur bahu and others, we might be killed without mercy and made to "disappear." Some of us had to stand with the FBI, police and media to even survive dealing with such people. Of course, we still have to remain humble internally, that is quite true and good advice. Arjuna was fighting, but he was humble and giving all credit for his victories to Krishna.] 

RKD: If we are to follow in the footsteps of these acaryas (i.e. true definition of raga-marga is ‘ekata’ or oneness of intentions and ‘anukulata’ or favourable disposition with our purvacaryas, it cannot be expected that such behaviour of these acaryas wherein they forsook external humility to establish the right path and clean up the weeds by silencing the opponents – cannot be followed by us and that only their examples wherein they showed external humility (of course, internal humility was also present in them due to which they were naturally showing external humility; but in the case of certain pretender neo-Gaudiyas only superficial humility is present without any actual counter-part of the same) should be followed by us. No, when adverse circumstances propel us, we can also follow their bold behaviour.

[PADA: Correct. The acharyas may display external humility at times, however they do not shy away from openly attacking bogus people and their deviations. We should therefore follow in the foot steps of these acharyas and preach boldly against the GBC/ Bhakti Vikas swami / bogus debauchee and child molester messiahs project, even if that means their party will have us assassinated. We have to be bold and depend on the Lord for protection. Of course even if the GBC / Bhakti Vikas swami guru group has the ability to have us assassinated, we will still be protected by the Lord in the next life. So we should not hesitate but be bold in any case. Agreed.]  

RKD: The main point is that for the propagation and protection of the sampradayika beliefs, even external humility can be forsaken. Of course, the real propagators and protectors of the sampradaya are the celebrated acaryas, but we cannot deny our instrumental usage in that overall process.

[PADA: Very good. Agreed, we need to protect the samparayika beliefs from the constant bombardments of attacks from Bhakti Vikas swami and his child molester acharya's program, which molests children, bans, beats and kills Vaishnavas, and has a host of other odious out croppings far too numerous to mention herein, not the least of which is -- that anyone who says Lord Krishna's acharya successors are not debauchees can be targetted for being assassinated.]  

RKD: The sad and unprecedented part is that nowadays, they are not Mayavadis and self-professed Sahajiyas who are the most adverse enemies of the sampradaya, but rather those who externally claim themselves to be the follower of CM’s line according to SBSST and SP – but at the same time have not understood the actual intentions of these acaryas and not only that, they are trying to nullify the potent efforts of those who try to reveal and promulgate the correct siddhanta.

[PADA: Correct, the people who are preaching that acharyas are falling into illicit sex are so-called vaishnavas, i.e. the GBC gurus and all their assembled lackeys.]

RKD: When initially, the uncompromising preachers endeavour to humbly correct the erroneous conjectures of their fellow peers, these peers rather become more and more offensive in their approach towards the suddha-sastra-katha – thus instigating the anger of the honest preachers of the sampradaya whose anger arouses by not being able to tolerate the treatment that is given to the scriptural conclusions by such pretending so-called Vaisnavas of the base mentality. Their anger stimulates because they are not able to tolerate any insult towards the sastra-vani. In such cases, show of external humility is unbearable and can only backfire culminating into a great and non-repairable harm to the sampradaya.

[PADA: Excellent. As soon as we say the sampradaya is pure, the GBC gurus and their lackeys GET ANGRY, and not only ANGRY but VIOLENTLY ANGRY. So RKD is correct, this shows that the GBC gurus and their supports have a low class "base mentality." And worse, they are doing non-repairable harm to the sampradaya and they have already harmed the image of ISKCON worldwide.] 

RKD: But why are these so-called Vaisnavas to be found in the sampradaya? What is the root cause behind their growing population. Their voting percentage is higher nowadays and they have even hijacked certain top administrative positions in such neo-Gaudiya organizations. 

[PADA: Good question? How did the molester messiahs program "hijack" and take over ISKCON? Because they had all kinds of compromisers like Bhakti Vikas swami supporting them, that's why. This is why, when Krishna kills the demons, he also kills their armies, supporters, henchmen, ... the whole lot of them are condemned and punished equally. Srila Prabhupada also says -- all the people involved in the meat industry, the farmer, the butcher, the cooks, the consumers, they are all condemned equally as co-conspitators.]

RKD: It is explained by Srila Jiva Goswami in his Durgamasanamangi Tika on BRS in the following terms: “tat-tat-sampradaya-nasa-prasangat ca……….ataeva na anubadhnati sva-sampradaya-vrddhy-artham anadhikarino ‘pi na grhniyad ity-arthah” which is rendered as – “The situation of the destruction arises and hence, the terms ‘na anubadhnati’ i.e. should not collect many disciples (as given in the original SB verse 7.13.8 and found quoted in BRS 1.2.113) indicate that even for the extension / spread of one’s own sampradaya, the ‘anadhikaris’ or the ineligibles should never be taken into the lineage.” Also, Srila Mukundadasa Gosvami (direct mantra-disciple of Krsnadas Kaviraj Gosvami and one of the three sanskrit commentators on BRS) states while commenting on the same topic as follows: “sisya-karanam tu jata-ratinam eva vivhitvat ca” or “only those (sadhakas) should accept disciples (siddhas are automatically on the prema-bhakti level) who are on the level of bhava-bhakti level i.e. jata-rati-avastha.” 

[PADA: Making progress here, yes only a person who is on the bhava bhakti should take disciples. People who are inclined toward illicit sex with men, women and children are not even on the level of ordinary karmis. Interesting that ISKCON people are now, after 35 years, gradually starting to discuss what are the qualities of a guru?]  

RKD: So, basically, if the uttama-adhikari or the best eligible candidate of suddha-bhakti is a person who is either endowed will full sastric knowledge and conviction (sastra-jnana and paramarthiki sraddha) and if the lowest eligible or kanistha-adhikari is the one who has no such vast knowledge and whose faith is also not as strong as that of uttama and madhyama adhikaris, the definition of an ‘anadhikari’ is one who in whom the paramarthikti sastriya sraddha is not present (who only has laukiki sraddha) and who is rather envious of the true uttama-adhikaris of bhakti. And such anadhikaris or ineligibles should not be taken into the sampradaya. But alas! nowadays, everything is done contrary to these scriptural proclamations under the garb of spreading the mission by hood or crook.

[PADA: Wow this is good! "Basically the uttama adhikary is the best eligible candidate" for guru. That is what we have been saying since 1977, and now this is being echoed in the halls of ISKCON? Yipeee! And such ineligibles (non-uttama) being made guru is "contrary to scriptural proclomations." Oh, I am going to fall off my seat here.]

RKD: History tells us that even when Vallabhacarya was a great vaisnava who had taken shelter of Gadadhara Pandita Goswami and who also became the acarya of the Pusti Marga sampradaya and who had just advised Sri Rupa based on his intimate familiarity with him (and to whom Sri Rupa also had great respect) to make certain changes in his BRS – Srila Jiva Goswami could not tolerate it and took it to be the insult of his guru i.e. Rupa Gosvami and thus debated with and defeated Vallabhacarya. 

[PADA: Amazing, changing the books of the acharyas is a severe aparadha, and this is also what the GBC gurus are doing, changing all the books! Nice work RKD!]

RKD: The gist is that whenever sastric siddhantas are demeaned by pretenders, show of external humility on the part of genuine bhaktas only culminates in heresy and not any loyalty to the guru-varga. 

[PADA: Oh oh, the guru varga is also a term used by the Gaudiya Matha to include some of the worst critics of Srila Prabhupada.]

RKD: External humility is mere a grossly expressed symptom (anubhava) of that factual internal humility. But that external humility is not always seen grossly expressed even when internal humility is ever present in the hearts. The internal humility becomes expressed as external humility only in the assemblage of sajatiya-snigdha-sadhu-sanga and not in front of duplicitous offenders who try to destroy the sampradaya by first enrolling themselves inside and then gradually working against the very spirit of the sampradaya. 

[PADA: OK begs the obvious question, why has Bhakti Vikas Swami and his pals been assisting the "duplicitous offenders who are trying to destroy the sampradaya" with their worship of illicit sex with men, women and children program? Why has he been an active assistant to this process? Does he not believe in karma, the soul, the afterlife, that he will have to pay dearly for assisting in "destroying the parampara"? Is this not why the Bible says, "they will call Lord, Lord, but I will not hear them"?] 

RKD: If we were to reciprocate with those good personalities who are thoroughly honest in their approach to spread the mission of CM, we would not only show our internal cum external humility to them, but would rather aspire to ever remain as a mere speck of their blessed footdust for the times to come.

[PADA: So does this mean RKD is joining PADA, by working with us to clean these misconceptions out of the parampara?]

RKD: Humility or “karpanye” is not the essence. The essence is “goptrtve-varanam”. But, the neo-Gaudiyas have made humility (and that also superficial humility only) the essence just to gather some certificates from cheap followers and then indirectly but deliberately try to equate themselves with CM’s humility among the herd of their disciples – these are all pretender people (our indication is towards certain such leaders in all Gaudiya-affiliated neo-organizations).

[PADA: Pretending to be humble in a herd of disciples, hmmm, this is clearly a description of the false GBC gurus.]

RKD:  ... Without svarupa-laksana, tatastha-laksana has no value. But, unfortunately, the irrationally sentimental class of pretender neo-Gaudiyas having full-fledged duplicity inside making even Mayavadis better than them – are considering ‘manadatva’, ‘amanitva’, and ‘mrdutva’ etc. 25 qualities to be the svarupa-laksana and not the actual kernel of ‘krsna-nistha’. This is the root cause of deviancy.

[PADA: Correct, not only that, when the GBC introduced Sridhara Maharaja and Narayan Maharaja as their "shiksha guru authorities," the GBC itself began preaching the mayavada idea that the soul originates in brahman. In other words the GBC itself has become influenced directly by mayavada-ism.]

RKD: Now, when we see the bold and revolutionary charismatic precedents of acaryas like Jiva, Baladeva, and SBSST (their uncompromising attitude and their inspiring their disciples to do the same), we see that humility on external level is many times not present in them (while they are dealing with the opponents of Gaudiya philosophy or even within Gaudiya line those who are bent on destroying the actual mood of the six goswamis like the sahajiyas and pasandis etc.), so does that imply that these great acaryas were lacking 3 qualities out of the full 26 qualities? No. Why? Because the actual internal humility was always present in them (SBSST used to say “daso ‘smi” or that “I am the servant and not the master” when any of his disciples used to pay tributes to him; this is internal actual humility. 

But same SBSST used to become like fire if even any so-called Gaudiya would say anything against the siddhanta and he expected his disciples to do the same. Is there any leader in the flock of present leaders who would go to the extent of saying daso’smi when their disciples pay tributes to them? No.This proves that SBSST was internally humble and that humility was only exposed when he was in the company of sajatiya people and not the vijatiya people) and even when they sacrificed external show of humility, the kernel aspect of six-fold surrender and the 26 qualities of a Vaisnava i.e. krsna-nistha and ‘goptratve-varanam’ would always be present in them. What is krsnaika-nisthatva? It is firm faith to serve the Lord. Service not only means positively serving the Lord. It also means to try to clean the weeds devouring the true path of service to the Lord. And we, as humble servants of our guru-varga, are merely being used as instrumentals in this process. Haribol!

[PADA: Right, what is the use of making a show of external humility when the sampradaya is being attacked and destroyed? That makes us culpable for allowing this to happen. RKD says, we need to clean up these weeds! Yipeee! Very good work RKD. Are you ready to take it to the next level, all the compromisers are also guilty? Anyway this is good progress, ISKCON people are finally starting to give all the arguments we have been giving all along since 1977. Bravo! ys pd]

Founder father of the illicit sex with men, women and children messiah's club, and Bhakti Vikas swami's sannyasa guru. Yes, he looks like a lost soul, because he is a lost soul. 

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