Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rocana / Ravinari have no solution


PADA: Notice that Rocana / Ravinari never tell us what should be done to fix things? They say our plan (to get people to worship Srila Prabhupada) is bogus and "one sided." OK, our idea of re-establishing the worship of the acharya is bad, and worse its "one sided" because we are not listening to their better plan .... but they never tell us -- what is their better plan? They complain there is no dialogue? Fine, so dialogue with us, tell us what is the better plan then? Simply sniping at the GBC (and us) produces nothingness. Tell us what the better plan is, and lets have that reviewed by the assembled devotees, and it if works better than our plan, we will all accept it.

However, since they have never presented any plan at all, their only plan is to snipe at others and do nothing else. That is not a practical program, hence, they have no followers, centers, preaching, nothingness. At least we have something going on, and our program is increasing. Their program has nothing also because it is trying to block our idea of worship of the pure devotee, that puts their idea on the same footing as the GBC gurus, "lets block the worship of the pure devotee." That means they are helping the evil gurus mainly. ys pd 

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