Friday, August 10, 2012

"Buyer beware" guru program?

PADA: Thanks very much prabhu, so what you are saying is that we are the only ones who have the eyes to identify a pure devotee, and so that is what we are promoting. So you are really saying: we have the eyes to see who is pure and the GBC party does not, as you correctly pointed out. Whereas GBC spokesman Jayadvaita swami says the GBC gurus are "buyer beware," i.e. they are like going to a used car salesmen, and as you admit, this system of used car salesmen "gurus" as a group are "cheaters and the cheated." 

Srila Prabhupada says that in the Gaudiya Matha they "artificially made an acharya and it proved to be a failure," as such "the Gaudiya Matha failed." So now the same used car salsemen gurus process is failing again. 

As for my accepting a current pure devotee, you are mis-quoting me. I never said there is none present, what I said is: I have not seen any evidence that there is one present currently. I have always said I will accept one if there is proof -- ok lets repeat -- what I said is -- only if there is proof that there is one present, however the results of these living gurus so far has been a failure, and as we pointed out -- we have only about ten people left at the ISKCON center here and almost no manpower and money to keep the doors open. And the program is thus having one crises after another all the time, whereas we have more guests at our new Prabhupada center, which is less than a year old, because we are promoting the bona fide guru Srila Prabhupada here. 

If you have a current living guru, please identify "who he is" and then we can examine things for ourselves. We are not going to blindly accept that you have a pure devotee when you failed to identify even who he is, or even, if any exists at all? This is all mental speculation, mano rathena, could be, possibly, might be, maybe, who knows etc. That means you are bluffing, you are unable to identify who your alleged pure devotee is. Yep, you are using the used car sales technique, could be a good new car, could be a used taxi cab with 500,000 miles on it, who knows? Buyer beware! This is not the vaishnava preaching process, buyer beware, we are used car sales people program. Anyway, we had a fantastic Janmasthami festival at our Prabhupada center here, so thanks for your well wishes in this regard. ys pd

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