Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rocana "defeats the ritviks" (?)

Mahesh Raja: Hare Krsna! So why has Rocana written a paper against KK / IRM - in PARTICULAR? This is going to be a VERY FUNNY situation. Why? I will tell you:

You know KK wrote a paper (SEE BELOW) where he mentions ROCANA DAS's name CONNECTED TO POISON ISSUE sooooo that put Rocana in hot soup with the bogus GBC. Now the bogus GBC do NOT like POISON issue --- AT ALL.

Rocana wants a POSITION in ISKCON. And he has been rocking the boat so hard, so he can climb back in for a POSITION with bogus GBC. BUT ---- looks KK has put him in his IRM writings - PURPOSELY - THIS MEANS - Rocana NOW will look really BAD guy - and the bogus GBC will NOT want him.

Sooooo Rocana is annoyed with KK because of losing the big ISKCON POSITION he was craving for. No wonder Rocana also has Rupanuga's articles next to his on his website - it is ALL about POSITIONS.

Rocana has stated and accepted publicly that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned - but for a POSITION in ISKCON, he COULD have EASILY switched and DENIED that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned. KK has made it OBVIOUS that's Rocana's poison stance is to agree with it, - so NOW--- HOW can he switch? VERY CLEVER!!! Sooooo Rocana is a VERY angry man. His position with bogus GBC is now in doubt - he HAS to do something to rectify - to be in bogus GBC's good books - so he writes papers against KK - IN PARTICULAR. He is HOPING desparately he can still get HIS POSITION of rank with the Bogus GBC by writing against RITVIKS.
22) “Ritvik theory is based on faultfinding (hati mata) rather than scriptural evidence. For example the recent “poison theory” also emanated from the ritvik proponents.”
Incorrect. Please note that some of key movers in bringing the poison issue to light, and pushing it are:
Isa Das, Mahabhuddi Das, Balavanta Das, Naveen Krishna Das, Madhusevita Das (who as GBC chairman authorised Balavanta’s investigation in 1997), Puru Das, Rocana Das etc. etc., have absolutely nothing to do with the IRM.

Indeed some of them are Narayana Maharaja supporters, and though some ‘ritviks’ did get involved, the whole thing was kickstarted mainly by the tapes presented by Isa Das, a prominent follower of Narayana Maharaja. Indeed the GBC have relied on the IRM’s paper on the poison issue in order to try and rebut the ‘poison theory’, via their official book on the subject.

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  1. Rocana dasa may write 1000 papers against Ritvik Philosophy but how will he oppose and contradict my own personal experience which is 100% in tune with the Final Order of IRM. To know how I was initiated into the Mahamantra by Srila ACBSP who sent a Ritvik please visit the below link & decide yourself !

    Colonel Zaysen


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