Sunday, August 19, 2012

(ex-guru) Prithu dasa v Sattvic dasa

SATTVIC DASA: I met Prithu Das at a program here in Udupi and we had a little talk about guru and disciple relationship. He told me that Prabhupada's disciples are waning and disappearing. I replied that this is so because of Iskcon leadership not telling the truth that we are all disciples of Srila Prabhupada. (Disciple means follow the discipline). I asked him which discipline these devotees are following and he replied Srila Prabhupada's. So, then they are his disciples. Then he said that we should not disturb the mind of these young devotees to which I stated that their mind is already been disturbed by not presenting the actual facts. Then I Asked him who takes the disciples back home to Godhead and who relieves them from their sinful reactions and who gives them Divya jnana and he said that it was Prabhupada. I then told him that many gurus in Iskcona are now saying that they are taking their disciples to Prabhupada and that they recognize that they are unable to take them to Krishna and he readily agreed that it would be a lie if they were saying that they were taking them to Krishna. I then asked him if you take them to Prabhupada then Srila Prabhupada is the guru. That is simple and transparent logic and a FACT. He did not know what to say after that. OM Tat Sat


  1. Prithu joined now ISKCON's rank&file who are forced to consider ISKCON's ultimate managerial authority - GBC - as beyond dispute.

    Needless to say what happens when a fallen suspended guru rebels against the GBC - he is immediately kicked out of ISKCON.

    In sum, trying to confront ISKCON's rank&file, trying to make them reject the authority of GBC is the same as telling them to live outside of ISKCON.

    Something what those who lived for decades within the movement won't accept. For them to live outside the movement is something what Prabhupada totally rejects.

    Therefore, those who should be addressed to follow Prabhupada's ritvik order are the GBCs and nobody else.

    Btw, thats the reason why ISKCON's rank&file hate the Prabhupadanugas like anything. They figure the Prabhupadanugas only want one thing to have us kicked out of ISKCON.

  2. Prithu's ex-wife finally overcome her horrible ISKCON experience by becoming a nurse,


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