Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mysterious ex-gurukuli's death in Vrndavana

Mysterious death in Vrndavana.

The dead body of Vrshabanu das, age 25, was tossed in front of the Rama Krishna hospital by some gurukulis, who they ran off. Vrshabanu was invited to leave the ISKCON temple by some young men around 2 pm and he was not seen alive ever again. The current ISKCON temple temple president told the mother just to forget the whole thing because Radharani has taken him back to Krishna. He looks very suspicious. Some people are saying this death was a suicide, others are saying, this boy would never do that.

The GBC has offered no explanation, nor has the death has been announced anywhere. Vrshabanu's mother is Brajanaikya and Vrshanbanu's brother is Gauranga, both well known in Vrndavana. Both of them report that they are not getting any explanation for this death? Some of the gurukulis here have been taking drugs in the USA, perhaps this part of the problem over there? Which gurukulis invited him away? What happened to him after he was invited away?

Does anyone have any explanation for any of this? Why was this not announced anywhere? Was foul play involved? Why the silence when every other death is given front page treatment on and so on? Why was no investigation launched by the GBC, rather they are telling people to "forget" about it? Something seems to have gone very wrong here, and we hope someone will help us get to the bottom of this so the family members will get some closure on what really happened. ys pd

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