Saturday, October 22, 2011

Where did all the acharyas go to?


Oh boy, Kuladri is in charge of the legal affairs now, after being Kirtanananda's henchman for years. Tamohara is in charge of more things, after he mysteriously lost (?) the list of children abusers in ISKCON. Radhanatha is in charge of more things, no wonder, his property is not even registered to ISKCON, he is independent. Harivilas, his property is also not ISKCON? Cannot help but notice, since say 1990, when there was a sea of gurus, sannyasa dandas and hundreds and hundreds of devotees, this recent photo says it all, they are losing people left, right and center. This is a teeny showing compared to the former glory days of their big messiahs all over the place. Our efforts are working, we are giving people the real scoop on these wannabe acharyas, and therefore fewer and fewer people are coming forward to serve this bogus acharya's regime. We also have rising star guys like Vaisesika, who is saying our idea of worship of pure devotees is bogus. Why? He says we need to "follow the Hindu traditon." Who knew the Hindu tradtion is to worship gurus who are many times falling into illicit sex with men, women and children; And maybe beer, LSD, marijuana; And some gurus are being arrested for crimes? Do the Hindus know that Vaisesika and the GBC are saying acharyas are most of the time fallen since most of their acharyas are blooped or fallen? Probably not, that is our next task, to educate the Hindus that acharyas are not debauchees and they should not support this system. And we are working on doing that .... hey, hey, hey. ys pd     


  1. Kuladri and Kirtananda, well, what can be said, US Vaishnavas chauffered them with a Bentley to the Airport when leaving New Vrindavan. Of course with necessary cash for an exciting offshore career...............hey, hey, hey......
    The counsel for the prosecution of West-Virginia yelled, please, devotees, come and tell us, who ordered all those criminal acts? Puranjana, Damaghosa, Yasoda Nandana: We dont know nothing and we ain't seen shit......
    Now after 30 years, huge screaming, "criminals, murderers". And the whole world should applaud to such loony bin? This train has left long ago.

  2. We were in touch with the police, they said they needed eye-witnesses from New Vrndavana, our testimony was not acceptable in court. ys pd

  3. Good to know, your documents were rejected at court means your documents are also rejected at other courts since courts relate to each other.

    And basically thats what we have in Bangalore, the court is rejecting the Prabhupadanugas. However, what they cannot reject is that the Bangalore devotees are one unit. If the Bangalore Prabhupadanugas would fight against each other like US Prabhupadanugas they would have been evicted already. What can we learn from this, devotees need a bone fide, qualified leader, otherwise they are defeated, especialy in kali-yuga. Prabhupada: "Without a leader, we cannot organize anything." And this is what Naara Narayana pr is trying to establish in US, to have all Prabhupadanugas combined like the Bangalore devotees and in this way get things accomplished. Not that we go on banging our heads against concret for another 35 years.

  4. I did not have any documents, no one wanted to make a statement, they were afraid. That is the problem, no one wanted to come forward. ys pd


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