Saturday, October 15, 2011

Seated Radha and Krishna deities

[PADA: I had a dream a few days ago, where I was lost in a big city in India. Some helpful man came to my rescue, and he invited me to his house. And he had life-sized white marble deities of Radha and Krishna. They were seated, and in fact they were something like the ones pictured here, except they were both pure white marble in the dream. Anyway, as I talked to the man, I kept looking back to the deities, they seemed to have moved a little from their previous position. Every time I looked back, they were in a slightly different posture. Finally, the deities came totally to life, and Radha and Krishna began to talk to one another, smiling. I was amazed, but soon after started to have a doubt, are they really Radha and Krishna, or are they Indian actors since there are so many actors of Radha and Krishna in India? Then I recalled, well they were marble a minute ago, how could they be actors? So my brain was sort of spinning in wonder-ment in the dream. Anyway I woke up just then and was quite happy about the dream, it was very enlivening. Krishna was apparently giving me a few bread crumbs of encouragement to keep me going along the path. ys pd] 

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