Monday, October 31, 2011

Prabhupada's bhaktas in Seattle: Goverdhan Pooja Festival

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Krishna to all
Glories to Srila Prabhupada
Today we observed the annakuta (hill of grains) mahotsava originally began by the inhabitants of Vrindavana around 5000 years ago after 7 yr old Krishna lifted the mountain known as Govardhana. This mountain at that time was around 64 miles longs, 32 miles wide and about 8 miles high.
Today, due to the curse of Pulasta Muni is has shrunk to about 50 feet in height. Originally in Goloka Vrindavana when Krishna asked Radharani to come to this material world, she said yes, only on the condition that the Yamuna and Govardhana hill would be present. He told her, its already “done”.

So when Sri Govardhan made His appearance He became the son of King Dronachal, another large mountain. When Sri Govardhana appeared as his son, the demigods showered flowers upon it. One day Pulasta muni showed up, and seeing the stunning beauty of this mountain asked king Dronachal for his son in charity to which the king, out of great attachment.

Immediately began to cry not wanting to part with Him. The muni got highly agitated and began to raise his hand to curse the king when Govardhana spoke up asking the muni how will you carry me? He said with my right hand I will carry you. Govardhana said Ok I will go with you but if you put me down, I will not move from that spot.

The muni agreed to these terms, and they both left. As evening approached the muni wanted to take his evening bath so he put Govardhana mountain down, in of all places, Braj mandala. When he returned from bathing, he tried lifting Govardhana again and found he could not budge Him at all.
After repeated attempts and failing he then cursed Govardhan Mtn to remain there and shrink the size of a mustard seed until He was gone. So today Govardhana Hill is only about 50 feet high and when He is actually “gone” then Kali yuga will commence in full force.

But until then, we still have some time to get our personal affairs of Krishna Consciousness together–but dont wait till then, as the saying goes–trust NO future- however bright it may appear to be !
Below are some photos of our “mountain” and the attending devotees.
Hare Krishna
your humble servants,
Damaghosa das and Daria devi dasi

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