Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Confidential letters from ISKCON folks in India

[PADA: Actually some nice India ISKCON devotees recently wrote to tell PADA that they are also upset with the GBC "gurus" who now want to attack our free food programme which feeds 1.5 million children aka AKSHAYA PATRA, by their suing the directors of that program.

They agreed, for starters, most of the public does not know which ISKCON camp is which. So the lawsuit designed by some "Hare Krishnas" trying to stop other "Hare Krishnas" (even trying to stop us from distributing food for poor children) creates bad publicity for ALL Hare Krishnas all round. They agreed, PADA is right, the Akshaya Patra program is one of the only good publicity items we have had in years. Why do we want to kill off one of the best forms of publicity we are getting?

They also told me they agreed that for Jayadvaita swami to say Akshaya Patra is "food for death" and Bhakti Vikas to say its "mundane welfare work" is simply their way of justifying the lawsuit to oppose our free food program. Meanwhile another letter from India complains that Radhanatha is simply advertising himself and not Srila Prabhupada. This is good news, people there are gradually waking up.
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  1. Very nice. Awareness of what is right and wrong, what or who is good and bad is taking place among Krsna's devotees and the general public. An all around appreciation to Pada and all other devotees/websites for exposing the PRETENDERS and CHARLATANS in our Krsna Conscious movement. Knowing who these people are and what nonsense they are doing makes our progress in Krishna Consciousness less disruptive by keeping clear away from them. Thank You!


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