Saturday, October 15, 2011

Letter to Prabhupadavision web site (ISKCON)

PADA: Thanks very much for this expose on BCS. Bhakti Caru swami and his team have spent something like $4 million USA to sue the Akshaya Patra devotees, trying to stop our feeding the poor programme. Why is a sannyasa spending millions of dollars so that poor children will be starved? I have never heard of this deviation before, the biggest priority of ISKCON is -- to starve little children, and to spend millions on a lawsuit against the directors of prasadam distribution programmes? ys pd 

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  1. Are you kidding, they say all devotees should donate to help BCS since he's such a good preacher. Wait what? A good preacher gets entangled in mundane business and even claims to be God's direct representative? That's more than outrageous!
    BCS should first of all admit what happened, tell us all the details/figures of his crash, then he should step down of being the treasurer of this yatra. Why someone should send him more money to squander?


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