Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OK, but Hindus are the main supporters of the false gurus? ys pd

Bhratacharya Brahmananda This is why Krishna teaches that when there is a decrease in "Dharma", he manifests himself. This wouldn't make sense if we are to abandon the Dharma. It is true that we should refrain from defining "Hindu" as a limited, worldly religion, just as we should stop identifying ourselves as members of such. But to call Hinduism the "Dharma" and teach that this Dharma is pervading of all peaceful and love-centric religion is to do only what Krishna desires. Any departure from this, such as that that Prabhupada has done, is more destructive and leads to sectarian bias.

PADA: Dear BB: Unfortunately, Hindus are the biggest supports of the GBC's homosexual guru program. The Hindus give millions of dollars to people like Jayapataka, so the Hindus are the worst examples of the supporters of these rogue gurus. That means the Hindus are supporting the worship of deviants as acharyas. Of course we have some Hindus who are against these false gurus, but most Hindus support the child molester guru program, and even the courts decided in favor of the child molester guru program in Bangalore. ys pd

Bhratacharya Brahmananda 

Gay people are bad? Since when. Ancient Indians sure didn't think so. Science shows it's natural. No true religion has ever condemned it. Further, homosexuals are not child molesters. Statistically speaking, more heterosexuals molest children than homosexuals. You are the worst kind of disinformation agent, sending out hateful information about innocent people, by categorizing all homosexuals as bad or as rapists. You are the perfect example of what happens when people follow devils like Prabhupada. 

Completely anti-Dharmist. Completely ignorant. Completely arrogant. Completely Hell-bound.


PADA: Wow! Defends the homosexual acharyas program! ys pd

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