Thursday, October 20, 2011

More opposition within ISKCON over Feeding poor children program:

PADA: This is getting better for us! More people INSIDE ISKCON are attacking their GBC's bogus guru / messiah / managers. That means there is an internal break down of the authority for these bogus gurus. The dissenting folks are gradually agreeing with the policy of PADA, i.e. these self-appointed acharyas are not factually absolute gurus, rather they are clearly conditioned souls, who are making major MISTAKES. That means these "gurus" are being challenged -- by their own flock and congregation members -- as being conditioned souls and not acharyas -- again -- WITHIN ISKCON. They are AGREEING with PADA: that these leaders who are attacking our feeding the poor children of India is wrong, because it is a GOOD program. And feeding the poor is not -- as the bogus ISKCON leaders are saying -- "FOOD FOR DEATH." If anything, these leaders suing our free food program is NOT APPROVED by many people IN ISKCON. Goody, that means more people are agreeing with PADA, these emporer's have no clothes! So this is a sign the PADA program works, we are helping inspire indivuduals even within ISKCON to challenge the authority of these false gurus. Great news! This will de facto bring back Srila Prabhupada as the authority because notice the dissenters are QUOTING SRILA PRABHUPADA (the PADA technique)! ys pd


  1. PADA is the Prabhupada Anti Defamation Association. Our main web site is Thanks ys pd


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