Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kirtanananda does not deserve titles of swami and guru

Mahasrngha dasa — I recently saw an article on Kirtananda Swami, aka, Keith Ham. In all honesty, he certainly wasn't a renunciate and should never have been called a "swami", let alone a spiritual master. In real life, he was a perverted homosexual pedophile who had some religious sentiment. If there were any kshatriyas left on the planet he would have been castrated years ago.

He disobeyed Srila Prabhupada on many occasions, lied to him, demanded a ‘certificate' when he took sannyasa, and was an embarrassment to His Divine Grace.

Keith personally set Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON back 50 years by introducing several bogus speculations that still confuse devotees to this day.

Years ago the GBC banned all honorific tittles like Bhakti, Acarya and other ‘pads' from being used in public. Yet still, brainwashed and sentimental devotees just can't seem to follow those instructions.

Srila Prabhupada's unlimited mercy may certainly forgive him for his ambition and Insanity, but offenses to and murdering devotees excelled Keith's actions into another horrific dimension of aparadhas which Lord Krsna may have another way of dealing with.

I certainly have no animosity towards his fallen and departed soul but I'm sure his warped mentality will be dealt with properly by the authorities that be, and his purification will continue in his next life.

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