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Radhanath forces devotee's head to Jayapataka's feet.

Radhanath is physically pushing down a devotee into bowing down to / touching feet of Jayapataka forcibly? After JPS is already suffering like a dog from taking sins? They are killing the guy! There is another video of a Radhanath kirtan where there does not seem to be any "Jaya Prabhupada."

Yes, a number of our God brothers encouraged the 11 to be diksha gurus and take sins, despite Srila Prabhupada told us repeatedly -- if we became diksha gurus we would be overburdened by taking sins. Radhanath already finished off Kirtanananda by this process and now he is working on taking this process to others, including himself. They will take these sins with them into the next life, they do not have the potency to burn this off. ys pd


"in 1998, the GBC provisionally readmitted New Vrindaban as a member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, subject to annual reviews for two years. In 2000, the community was welcomed back into ISKCON with open arms. Also in 2000, on September 10th, the ISKCON child protection office concluded a seventeen-month investigation and formally determined that "Kirtanananda dasa" had molested two boys."


Tears of Joy


— In her recent class in Mayapur, Rukmini devi dasi, if I remember properly, quoted this devotee, during Lord Caitanya's time, who wanted to take the whole universe of persons' sins for himself and to suffer eternally for their bad karma. And mataji, with sobs in her voice, encouraged the assembly of devotees to become like that... It was so beautiful! I was about to cry... My eyes were actually full of tears. Tears of happiness, of course... a real scarce true moving moment in my life, indeed.

However, we have to be ourselves intelligent and lucid. And to understand that Krsna Himself is very clever. And knows that all kinds of material conditionings exist in this world. Therefore, He also uses all kinds of pure devotees' behaviours and expressed feelings, and possibly very temporary ones, in order to be able to inspire all kinds of conditioned jivas. The full range! Every material conditioning requires its own kind of inspiration and divine medicine. Including real crazy masochistic auto-sacrificial conditionings like, apparently, the one of this mataji.

Consequently, examples of some pure devotees' behavior can inspire, temporarily or not, some types of persons. And not others. Krsna has to deal with what exists in this world in terms of conditioning. There is not really any other choice. And that is Krsna's compassion. Those devotees' behavior examples are not questionable by themselves. The only thing which is questionable is to, sometimes, take them on the very first degree. And moreover, to declare them as being normal behaviours which everyone should follow (and imitate). 

By doing that, in the case of this pure devotee's example, we immediately reach, in term of siddhanta, somehow, the crowd of many Christians who believe that whatever they do and will do, they and others will be saved anyway because Christ takes their sins. Quite comfortable! Why make any effort? Let's go on being sinners. One person does our job for us. Don't worry, be happy.

In fact, we can understand that even if we don't have any right nor reason to question or criticize this pure devotee's behaviour, if someone would really take for himself the sins of the whole universe of people and suffer their bad karma, it would be beneficial for absolutely no one. Everyone, in fact, has to do his own job. Of course, the acaryas, through diksha, take the past karma (or a very good part of it) of their disciples. It is right.


1) They are pure devotees. We are not.

2) They take the bad karma of their disciples, not the new karma which they may create by not following the acarya's instructions. Therefore, all that implies that those persons are or became sincere. I don't imagine that our whole universe is full of only sincere persons.

3) The acaryas are not supposed to suffer because of this karma. If they are real acaryas (or gurus), they are pure. Therefore, this karma is just in transit through them and goes directly to Krsna without disturbing either the guru or Krsna, who is able to burn it. And all that fortunately for the acaryas!!! The only thing which we can hope with suffering is that it stops as soon as possible! Rukmini devi dasi seems to be very generous and eager to suffer the martyr for others, but I would be very curious to check if she would really ask or beseech for more if I force her and put her hand in the fire ? Or make a sharp needle enter in her delicate body? Theory can always appear very nice and beautiful, but the reality is another thing.

But maybe, on this matter, Rukmini devi dasi was, in fact, much more enthusiastic for others to do that than for herself ? That is also a widespread endeavour.

4) The acaryas do their part. They give the seed, a very big impulse and their teaching. Nobody can go to Krsna without their mercy. Therefore, ONLY through their mercy can we reach Krsna. That does not mean, nevertheless, that they do the whole thing and that we don't have our part. I spoke about this in the article "Individual Effort". This part is ours and is both blissful and very very hard. So many efforts we can not escape. So many unavoidable austerities, patience, tolerance, determination… Those things we have to go through till their very end are our vaccination against our possible tendency to commit later the same mistake again. Unless we cross ourselves, and voluntarily, this whole thing which allows us to reach the uttama platform, we will not be fit for it. Not cured. Nobody has to suffer for us in our place. Only crazy people can believe that by injecting the vaccine into another person's body, he will be himself immunized!

One more reason why I left ISKCON was that I was completely fed up with hearing that kind of foolishness (and others). I could not stand that anymore.

[PADA: Right, people like Rukmini /GBC / Gaudiya Matha / Rocana / Torben / Ajit Krishna / Hanuman Croatia etc all think the neophytes can be the same as Jesus and absorb sins, all they are doing is killing others and taking them to hell along with all these accumulated sins. ys pd]

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