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"Killing for Krishna" / Janmastmi Sinkowski / FBI conspiracy plot?

PADA: Ex-New Vrndavana "bouncer / enforcer" Janmastmi Dasa has tried in some ways to befriend us at PADA, and admit he made a mistake supporting Kirtanananda's regime. At the same time, he seems to STILL have an axe to grind with us, despite his previous axe grinding process against us resulted in the death of Sulochana. The good news is that Janmastmi has at least admitted Radhanath was involved in the New Vrndavana upper management, and he alleges that Radhanath had a part in paying Tirtha to murder Sulochana.

Ooops! Yet Janmastmi now claims that I was helping the FBI keep tabs on Sulochana's location, and the FBI gave Sulochana's address to the hit men. Therefore, I helped Sulochana get killed by being an "informant" to the FBI, giving away his locations. So Janmastmi is guilty or implicated, and now -- spreading the blame around? Even blaming his victims, like us?

OK except, at the time Sulochana was almost always parking his van in an unknown location in the San Francisco Bay Area, living in his vehicle. I had no idea where he was parking, and it would have been impossible for me to find him -- even if I wanted to. NOTICE! There were NO cell phones among us at that time, and the only way we communicated is when he came to visit me. That was our plan, I could have been kidnapped by the GBC's goondas and STILL would not have been able to direct anyone to find him, even if I had been put into a wood chipper slowly. I didn't know where he was. How was I relaying his location?   

A few times he called me on the Berkeley temple phone, but the Hansadutta people were not too reliable in getting me to the phone. When Sulochana finally went to Los Angeles, again I would have no way of knowing what street he was parking on, or even if he was at or near the temple? Nor did I even know if he was in LA for sure, or visiting some of his friends in Three rivers, or whatever it might be? We had no means of regular communication, period. So it would not have been possible for me to know "where he was located" -- to relay to the FBI -- unless I was a psychic people finder. Which I'm not.

Meanwhile Henry Doctorski says Janmastmi's story does not match any of the other accounts he is getting from there, which seems to indicate these folks are hiding things to protect themselves -- maybe from criminal implication and criminal prosecution. What I do know for sure is -- Sulochana said if he was going to be killed -- it would most likely be done by Tirtha or Janmastmi, or both of them as a team. So Janmastmi was an active thug "enforcer" for the New Vrndavana program at the time, according to Sulochana at least. It seems his party has the most responsibility for Sulochana's untimely demise and -- not so much -- me or the FBI. 

And Henry claims that Janmastmi said in effect, even if Kirtanananda is having sex with hundreds of people, he is still a pure devotee. That would mean Janmastmi was aware of the allegations of sexual predator problems with the swami. Anyway, Janmastmi seems to be obsessed with linking me as an FBI informant recently, and he has thus teamed up with the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad das (Paul Coats?) / HKC Jaipur / Janardan / Tamohara / Pancali NZ / Krishna Kirtan team saying that PADA's testimony is all "lies, psychopathic distortions and slander," and he is quoting some of them and their sites.

OK so PADA is a secret member of the Illuminati / New World Order / Satanic ritual society; and / or -- is a paid FBI informant / CIA agent / paid secret plant and so forth. Conspiracy theories ki jaya! Wow. Same wild theories some of the GBC's program's members and / or goonda folks said to us all along as well, even WAY back in the 1980s. Yep! PADA is a secret plant of the Berkeley police and so on and so forth; a police informant, a snitch, an agent of Kali yuga etc. -- hah hah! 

Why do these people say these things?

Pretty simple explanation really; (A) We are saying (for example) that there is a child abuse problem. Then (B) they are saying that this is all "conspiracy theory, psychopathic distorted lies and slander, all paid for by Illuminati / FBI mis-information campaigns." And this is how these thinkers allow / facilitate / enable / continue / protect / defend / their abuse programs. Of course! These thinkers said this all along since the early 1980s, me and Sulochana are "making all this up," so they could perpetuate their abusive programs, and have us dissenters squashed, which is what they have done in fact. Of course the Jim Jones, David Koresh and other bogus cults also think "the FBI / CIA / Illuminati is after us"!

Thus! As soon as we say: The 11 gurus were not EVER appointed; child abuse has been going on; books are being changed; Srila Prabhupada is himself complaining of being poisoned, its all "lies, psychopathic distortions, FBI informants giving bad info, slander etc." OK, and that is what many of the GBC's clan said all along? What is the real purpose of these folks? They are making the actual complaints of actual problems become nullified, so the criminals and their crimes will go on. What else? Krishna Kirtan even says PADA is a CONTEL agent (whatever that is) yep, none of these crimes were going on! Who knew! All lies!

However, as even the police have told me, when these folks say that PADA is making all this up, they are really not attacking us, but attacking the testimony of the original victims. We are simply advocates / agents for the victims, by presenting THEIR COMPLAINTS. These are not OUR complaints. So when they say this is "all PADA lies," its meant to perpetuate their sexual predator's abuse program, and cover up for the book changers / bogus gurus / poisoners and so on. And the police are right: none of these complaints originated from PADA, we simply re-packaged and re-presented these complaints -- made by others.

Prahlad for his part has said that he was not present in the 1980s kicking these victims in the head. OK maybe he was not kicking them then, but he is kicking the victims in the head with his giant jackboots NOW, by saying the victims complaints are bogus because they are being presented by PADA. Prahlad team are still kicking the abuse victims in the face with boots by saying those who present their case are "making up lies." Sulochana called these people "the boot lickers of the butt lovers." Wow! No wonder Janmastmi / Prahlad team still says this is all lies, Sulochana had them pegged! And as the police told me, suppressing the testimony of victims is for the sole purpose of protecting criminal activity. Duh! 

In others word, the real reason all these crimes went on is because these types of thinkers enabled, defended, cover-up for, and facilitated all of these crimes. What is more amazing to us is that they seem to be proud of all this mayhem? Worse, to say that the person bringing forward the poison tapes is "a liar" is actually enabling if not -- licking the boots of -- the Judas party. Why would they attack the person who brought out Srila Prabhupada's poison complaint tapes as "a liar" unless they still have deep affection and loyalty to the poison sabha? 

Anyway! Janmastmi appears to have other problematic issues: indicted, apparently for marijuana dealing:

Why are people involved in assisting the GBC's high crimes, or at best engaging in low level crimes even up to now, giving us any advice at all? My friend's son is a police man. He says, they often try to rehabilitate gang members, and even help get them into jobs and so on. Yet, despite being in some rehab program, and despite disavowing their gang associations, they may still have residual resentment and grudge against the people who busted up their gang. 

In other words, they really wanted their status quo gangster program to continue, and they only took to the rehab process because they were forced to by law enforcement, or face perhaps going to jail. They did not really want their goonda gangster process to be broken down. So they still hold a grudge against those who upset their false and exploiting program, despite claiming to be reformed and rectified. Same as these guys, we apparently forced them to reform, so they hold a grudge.

The good news is, the police, courts, media, millions of newspaper readers and thousands of ISKCON victims agree with PADA, these events are not lies, its really what happened. ys pd

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  1. Thanks J Prabhu, but we are all already united starting out in 1970. Srila Prabhupada was always against people like those who are promoting videos of Hitler, quotes from Stalin, sales of the Illuminati dvds, rages against the alleged Zionists and etc. He said this is all mundane ker-fluffle which is unwanted by the Vaishnavas. We agree with the acharya. We united with his idea to reject all this nonsense and have been all along. The devotees who meditate on these mundane things are not part of his process, because he said, avoid all this nonsense, and we are -- and so are thousands and thousands of other vaishnavas who have no taste for these modes of ignorance materials.

    Srila Prabhupada says -- this is called anartha. We are not going to unite under the flag of promoting all this foolishness. Correct. Srila Prabhupada said Hitler is in dog consciousness, bodily consciousness, and so are his disciples. ys pd


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