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Hanuman (Croatia) complains about "supporting his program"

Public support and the future of my website

By Hanuman das

In the last two and half years, I’ve been fighting sannyasis with girlfriends without much public support. Many people like to visit my website, they shared many articles with their friends, but they did so in private messages. My website became very popular, with thousands of people visiting it every month. But, free ride is over. 
Lack of public support allowed sannyasis with female secretaries to portray me as “lonely offender” and ignore me.

[PADA: You are not getting support -- for starters -- because you have no functioning programs to support. We should support your program, but you never tell us what is your program? Meanwhile, our Prabhupadanuga folks are generating more and more people who are making new devotees, new temples ... and associated deity worship, lectures, programs and festivals etc. In sum, there has to be something concrete going on for us to "support" in the first place.  

We need to support your program.

Oooops! You never advertise ANY functioning program that people are supposed to support, because you have none. We are supposed to support a program, that never advertises even -- who is the guru of that program?: (A) Its not the GBC's who are the gurus, (B) its not Srila Prabhupada who is the guru of our program (the ritvik deviation), its -- (B) Srila nobody? OK so you worship no one and nothing, and call that "a program"?

Of course Rocana, Torben, Ajit Krishna, Kim Moller etc. also do the same thing, they say we cannot worship the GBC's gurus and AT THE SAME TIME we cannot worship Srila Prabhupada as the guru (the ritvik idea). So your program is to attack anyone who worships anyone, that is not a program? Again! Worship of nothing and no one is not a program? Worse, its mayavada to have no identified guru and no identified program how to worship that guru?

We already knew the GBC was deviating way back in 1978, that is not new. For you to make our "expose" process your main function is simply chewing the chewed. Its already been done by us since 1978. Rather, you'd have to show people what is your real process going forward, and you -- failed to do that. All you are saying is that every other party is deviating, but you have nothing to move forward on. Rocana does the same thing, which is why he has no programs to advertise either. Neti neti, its not this and not that, but what is it, we cannot say?] 

The time has some to move to phase 2 of the fight against sannyasis with girlfriends. Today in ISKCON, we have only a few sannyasis with female secretaries, but if this deviation is not squashed, it will spread. If you stay silent, your children will almost certainly live in a society where majority of gurus will be sannyasis with female secretaries.

[PADA: This is foolishness. They are not merely sannyasas with girlfriends, they are people posing as gurus, parampara members, messiahs, self-realized acharyas etc. - who are having girlfriends -- and so many other deviations. And dissenters to this program can be banned, beat, sued and even sometimes assassinated. You are making WW II into a girl scout's cookie sale sized issue. You are downplaying the criminality issue.

You folks are always minimizing the actual issue here, which is that they are posing as Krishna's guru successors, and promoting themselves and other various deviating fools as acharyas, and then viciously oppressing their opponents. And the rest of the GBC is complicit in creating, enabling, covering up and facilitating these deviations in the name of the guru parampara. They are not saying they are merely minor league sannyasas, they are saying they are diksha gurus and you are helping them by minimizing these deviations as minor league sannyasa rules and regulations problems.] 

So, there will be changes in how my website operates, effective immediately:
I will stop publishing my own articles and videos. When I get at least 30 public support actions, I will publish next post. I will only publish articles written by other people if I don’t get enough public support actions.

What is support action

Support action is where you publicly fight deviations in ISKCON, and support my work, here are some examples: You publicly share article from my website on facebook and you tag me in that facebook post. This includes only real profiles where real names are used.

You write an email to your guru / GBC representative, asking him to declare his stance on sannyasis with female secretaries, and you put my email to cc, my email is You write article for my website, it will be published under your real name.

You write public facebook posts about troubling issues in ISKCON, such as support for Ramesh baba sahajiya, etc, and you include link to some of my articles. You write public review about on my website under your real name, this review will be posted on my website. You agree that I put your name of my website, under the sympathizers list.

Now, you get idea what public support means.

But, but, what about me, I am …

OK, my website is visited not only by ISKCON devotees, but also by rtvik, gaudiya math people, and ex blooped devotees. Here are some advice for them:
Jesus Prabhupada followers: You can’t never fight deviations by imagining another deviations, so, for rtvik people who want to publicly support my website, please share this video on your facebook wall and tag me:

How the ritviks are killing Prabhupada.

You can also you can write email to Prabhupada or Jesus Christ, and put me in CC. If you don’t know what is Prabhupada’s email, I can’t help you.

Gaudiya Math followers

My website is not for you, but if you like to fight sannyasis with girlfriends, you can start by cleaning your own house. Here are some photos to get you started:

[PADA: OK so worship of Prabhupada is like worship of Jesus. We should not worship him anymore. We should worship you instead? Or who? Or what? So your program has failed because there is none. You cannot even tell us who to offer the bhogha to ... despite me asking you folks for over two years. Neither Rocana, Torben, Ajit and etc. can tell us who gets the bogha offerings despite our asking them over and over and over.

And! Followers of Gaurahari das (William Zodda) told me the same thing, we do not have to offer to guru, we can offer direct to Krishna. In other words, you folks are not even aware of the basics of the Krishna consciousness process, and your "program" is doing the same thing because you also cannot even explain the basics either. Sorry, unless you have a guru, and a program, and unless you can promote the basics of the religion -- i.e. who is the guru and who gets the offerings -- you cannot expect people to support your non-program. 

A program with no identified guru simply has no existence in Vedic process, and will not be accepted anywhere else either. Support my program, which advocates worship of no one and nothing. Great! Its like selling a paper bag full of empty hot air, not many customers will come forward. After trying to sell us your empty hot bag of air, at best recycling a few expose stories we were already posting way back in the 1980s, now you are crying that its not getting support? We cannot worship Srila Prabhupada or Jesus, we need to worship nothing. How can you expect support for a program that worships nothing-ness? 

Srila Prabhupada also says people who cannot name their guru are mayavadas, why should anyone support these mayavadas? Of course some folks have told us Hanuman's wife is a bogus GBC guru's cheer leader groupie, so he has to basically support them or sleep on the couch? Hee hee! (or what?). 

ys pd /]


  1. Right, Hanuman -- Croatia / Rocana / Torben / Ajit Krishna etc. have missed the entire point. Its not about some fools posing as sannyasa and having girlfriends, its about wholesale replacing the worship of pure devotee with the worship of conditioned souls, and doing so with vile and oppressive tactics.

    Meanwhile, they do not even know who should be worshiped and who should not. Yes, that means they are still tethered to the GBC program, who also cannot answer this point. Correct. They are still in the GBC bogus guru boat, yep! ys pd

  2. I know, this is the height of foolishness. Hanuman Croatia wonders why there is a lack of support for his program, which worships no one and nothing. All glories to nothing-ness-pada!

    And then he foolishly wonders why there are not thousands of people lined up to join him in his program of worship of no one and nothing? That is because he is cheating people. He wants people to worship nothing and no one, which is mayavada, while posing as a vaishnava, but he is clearly a mayavada, he worships nothing an no one. He is just as much a cheater as the GBC's gurus, Hanuman has no guru to give people and neither does the GBC. He needs to be honest and admit he is a mayavada, and openly be clear that his "worship of nothing and no one" program is not a Vaishnava process, he is cheating people by making pretend it is. Yep! ys pd


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