Sunday, February 11, 2018

Discriminating friends and enemies? (Rukmini dd)

[PADA: We should not discriminate friends and enemies? OK. This is a big problem. How can we eliminate false gurus and their false pooja and so forth, if we can not discriminate that it's wrong, or not wrong? If our house is attacked by burglars, we should not call the police? We should consider the crooks as our friends?

Notice behind her is the "GBC Strategic Planning Network" logo. The GBC is self-evidently "planning" on making more and more non-realized people into their gurus, and they themselves admit that their gurus may have no verified "degree of God consciousness." We are going to make more and more "gurus" with no verified levels of God consciousness, and that is "the plan"? And we are not allowed to say this is a good plan, or not?

Srila Prabhupada identified false gurus as Krishna's enemies, but we are not allowed to do the same? How will that work practically?  

And what if we say a person who has no verified "degree of God consciousness" should not be made -- the guru? Oooops, but Rukmini does not want us to point that out? That enables these non-realized messiah wanna-be folks to take the post of acharya then? Apparently, the "plan" is to make more and more and more hokey gurus. And then they end up burying a known sexual predator in the holy dham, because no one should discriminate that this is either good or bad? "Don't criticize prabhu"!

So Rukmini advises us, we should not discriminate that these gurus are bogus -- or not? Now we know why so many false gurus have reigned over ISKCON, people were told not to discriminate, not to criticize and so on, and the evil doers captured the whole institution with this "let it all hang out" "go with the flow" hippie-di-do-dah mentality. And now we know how sexual predators became buried in samadhis in the holy dham, no one was allowed to discriminate that this was right ... or wrong, or what? 

OK that is the main issue, we are being advised to limp along with the GBC's illicit sex guru program, acquiesce, not discriminate that it is bad. And then the result is, banning, beating, molesting, lawsuits, and assassinations. And we cannot even say if this result is good or bad either? We just need to roll along with "the Strategic Plan" to make fallen people into acharyas?

Well sorry, it is bad, their process needs to be judged by the results, and the results are that their program has become a laughing stock, and a bankrupted institution. Where does Srila Prabhupada say we should not judge against an illicit sex acharya's program? Or does he not say we need to keep this bogus acharya element out, or it will burn the entire house down and everyone in it? ys pd]   

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