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Make-believe and Superstition: PRAHLADA NRSIMHA DAS

Make-believe and Superstition


Every attempt made by ISKCON's media to counter what is often rightly said on other news sites, shows the same usual tactic. A tactic which is also used intra-muros by its leaders: to build myths and to make-believe. And, of course, make-believe makes a very bad couple and wedding with our exact philosophy. On contrary, make-believe absolutely needs the creation of superstition. And superstition goes together with fear and abusive, subtle intimidation of others. Everyone has long known that.

[PADA: Right. Srila Prabhupada was constantly expressing dismay if not grief over the antics of his top leaders. He commonly complained about their lack of qualifications and abilities. He even expressed shock over their lack of sincerity ending in dramatic fall downs. 

He then suspended sannyasa in early 1977 saying these leaders are making the sannyasa order into a laughingstock. Worse, he complained that he thought he was being given poison by "yeh sab friends" (his leaders). How is it possible he would have appointed these same caliber people as his and "Krishna's guru successors"? 

And why would people like the GBC, and / or GBC reformers like Rocana, Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja and others end up backing and supporting this "appointed guru" giant "big lie"? Yep! The whole thing was make believe, there never was any guru appointment. And to say that Srila Prabhupada made the error of appointing conditioned souls as acharyas is an insult to him.]   

To the opposite, the exact science of Krsna Consciousness, and its public expression, destroys myths and fake beliefs and assertions. Therefore, to make people believe, for instance, that to have received initiation in Srila Prabhupada's time and therefore to be an "exclusive Prabhupada disciple" confers special extraordinary hidden spiritual powers and ability to give very special blessings (which is, of course, perfectly wrong), it absolutely requires using the tool of created myth and superstition. For this above assertion does not resist either our philosophy and any intelligent analysis nor any consideration of facts.

As an example, Malati devi dasi and her ex-friend Prithu Putra Swami (!!) were initiated during Srila Prabhupada's time. But many people, including the newspaper "The Villager" said that both of them became junkies, heroin and cocaine dealers and satanists, for many years, after Srila Prabhupada's disappearance. Moreover, they lived on the Lower East Side … the very exact place where Srila Prabhupada started his movement. Can you imagine something more destructive and offensive than that? So, where was this "special blessing" due to the fact that they belonged to their own self-created caste of "exclusive Prabhupada disciples"?

Personally, I was not initiated during Srila Prabhupada's time, but I never did one per cent of those very bad and noxious things. And many other devotees are the same. As well, many honest materialists would never accept getting involved in those kinds of garbage. Nevertheless, mainly because of her acceptance of the newly created superior caste, she is today a GBC. And like others, demands absolute respect: a demoniac attribute. See Bhagavad-gita Chapter 16.

Ok... we can also consider the good things she maybe did during Prabhupada's time ... But if those things were so good, why later did she (and they) fall down so much? Her boyfriend even died from AIDS. Actual good devotional service immunizes someone against such serious fall-down. 

It is written in our Sastras, and I could personally check it, as well as many other devotees. Moreover, what great things did she do after re-integrating in ISKCON? Except selling part of New Vrindaban's ground to an exploiting gas company? Even many karmis are intelligent and sincere enough not to do such a thing (in and around their village) and on contrary, decide to fight against those shameless and greedy Earth and ecology destroyers. 

There are many examples of that. Therefore, where were those so-called special powers and special Prabhupada blessings for these "exclusive Prabhupada disciples" in her enlightened decision and way of thinking? Which Srila Prabhupada would have very probably never accepted.
As well, Mr. Jolicoeur (Hanuman swami) was initiated by Srila Prabhupada and even became a sannyasi. But now, he does not even believe in the existence of Krsna. Therefore, again, where is this above said "special blessing"? There are so many examples of that... Where is this special mercy when we see Bhakti Caru Swami's numerous philosophical deviations? Just have a look at his quotes!

Consequently, because ISKCON's system nowadays mainly rests not on truth, but on the fake prestige of "exclusive Prabhupada disciples" and on seniority, they must create or maintain myth and superstition in order to keep their system safe. Without those myths and superstitions, who could believe, for instance, that Jayapataka Maharaja could give to anyone blessings which will send this person to Krsna?

One issue is that those who become conditioned by those myths and superstitions start to act, themselves, as promotional antenna for them. For they live in this frame and can not imagine that they could have received much more than they actually received if they had not first accepted those myths. They, on contrary, became dependent on them.

Therefore, of course, those myths and superstitions don't go nicely with truth and the exact philosophy. That's why big leaders feel it necessary to change this truth. And so, Srila Prabhupada's books. And possibly, in the close future, his quotes. They prefer to voluntarily serve to others a confused philosophy. And to create myths like the one of Tamal Krsna Swami's dying on his own before his car-crash. Who can believe that? Unless he is 3 years old. Or unless he became conditioned by ISKCON's propaganda?! What could be easier for the GBC than to make a fake autopsy report?

Are ISKCON's leaders aware that they will die soon? Or do they believe they will live forever in their present body? Of course, 5,000 years ago Lord Krsna Himself respected etiquette and seniority, and Lord Caitanya, as well, 500 years ago. The difference is that there were all pure devotees with Them! There were not detrimental cactus in their whole thing!

[PADA: Yes, its a huge pile of layers and layers of lies and subterfuge that has created the current GBC guru imbroglio. Recently we have been in a discussion with a GBC / Hanuman Croatia / Rocana disciple and he says the GBC's gurus are bona fide because they are the "senior Prabhupada disciples." 

Umm, ok but aren't these the same people who can and do often fall down, and maybe fall into illicit sex, crimes, heroin, perhaps getting AIDS, or orchestrating murders? Well yep but "any of Prabhupada's disciples can be gurus." Right! Yet as a group, is one / any of them ready for that leap? 

Then a disciple of Rocana said to us, all of Rocana's constitution is valid for example, the guru shall be subject to monitoring by the judicial committee of the GBC. Then this disciple said, and his (judicial committee supervised) guru and our guru (Srila Prabhupada) are THE SAME THING, because guru is one! Yikes! 

So this shows how these layers of illusions have gone on for so long, so much so, people think a conditioned soul and the acharya are THE SAME THING. However, its all a pack of lies and distortion. Yep! Then I said, the judicial monitoring is not working too good when Jayadvaita has to say their gurus are often falling into illicit sex, that means even the so-called monitoring process is barely being done properly? So, even the idea that they will properly monitor their gurus is simply yet -- another lie. 

Sorry, the monitored devotee is not a guru, he is at best a ritvik priest, the priest is supposed to be supervised by the committee, not the guru. Anyway, it seems like their judicial monitored guru process is falling apart more and more, and our idea, that the guru is a pure devotee or he is not a diksha guru, is gaining steam. 

ys pd] 

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