Friday, February 9, 2018

Killing For Krishna's "new warriors"

Respected pranams, from ex-ISKCON member,

Sir (Henry Doktorski),

I received diksa from Bhagavan’s “Prince,” Brian Tibbits (Indradyumna Swami). Was very involved with the Indradyumna Swami's "program" but left some time ago seeing even then the major problems with these "gurus."

I'm half-way through your amazing book "Killing for Krishna." I have to honestly tell you that I'm on page 242; in 10 hours almost straight reading. You sir, do certainly have cojones. I really appreciate your work and its already feeling like a healing; not only my wounds but many, many more souls across our planet.

Perhaps I could assist with your upcoming work in any way. I can help your mission by distributing your book in Europe. I was very good sankirtan devotee. We need to cover Poland first, Germany and then Russia. I speak fluent Russian.

It's my great honour to be at your side on this quest. I have no encumbrances, and will be a warrior on your side. You have awoken your sleeping soldiers, prabhu. Again, I'm by your side. Will recruit more sincere soldiers soon. Already spreading your message to ex-ISKCON members in Poland.

Deep regards and please kindly keep in touch. Om shanti.

Former disciple of Indradyumna Swami

[PADA: Yep, we keep getting new recruits in the army to expose these false ISKCON GBC gurus. Recently we even got a bunch of ladies in various places in India to tell us they want to take down the "Goonda Bully Committee" (GBC). Hee hee, these women make better warriors than 95% of Srila Prabhupada's original disciple "men"? These women tell us how they are appalled that the GBC would want their children to worship known sexual predators in a samadhi, its just too disgusting for words. And as such, some of these women are now asking us about some of the details of this book, so its a question of educating people gradually.

Anyway! All of these GBC jokers are in the same bogus messiah's club. Indradyumna swami was a huge promoter of the Bhagavan empire, and we all know how that ended. Now they have buried Kirtanananda in a samadhi, a sort of poking a stick into the eye of all the victims of their program. There really seems to be no real remorse or rectification going on in the GBC inner circle. 

In fact, now the GBC are openly saying their gurus may have a small degree, or maybe even no degree of God realization. OK they are gurus, but they have no verified God realization? This is our payment check to you for a million dollars, but we might only have 50 cents in the bank to cover it. What kind of cheating is this? We are going to give you money, but it may have no verified value? 

Who would accept this idea? 

Only the fools on the GBC. Of course people like Sura Dasa (Los Angeles) told me he personally would never surrender to any of these GBC's gurus, so his program just recruits poor ignorant suckers so they can cheat the ignorant to worship their false acharyas. They ALREADY know their product is bogus, but sell it anyway, ok this is knowingly cheating others. If there is one thing Krishna really and truly hates, its hocus pocus fools sitting in Srila Prabhupada's seat. And they will ALL have have to go to the lowest regions for doing that, and so will their enablers and supporters of that process. 

Yep, they are just rubber stamping gurus out like sacks of potatoes, not checking to see if their potatoes product inside the sacks are rotten or not. Its up to your to see if your sack of potatoes is rotten, ooops, except if you are in for example Jayapataka's zone, you'd better help promote him or expect to get whacked with shoes by his fanatical people. OK you are not really allowed to chose any GBC guru you want, or reject any guru you want. If the Jayapataka followers are running a center, you'd need to accept that he is the local guru and that he is bona fide, or face severe repercussions, or get booted out the door. And maybe get beat up on the way out the door.

In Los Angeles Watseka for example, they have a number of big goondas defending Jayapataka's worship as an acharya. And as soon as they find that a person does not worship their illicit sex "messiahs from heaven" program, and bow down and worship their sexual predators of minors "acharya's" process, they are immediately angry and making sub-violent threatening moves on their victims. In sum, they have a bunch of goonda enforcers who make sure that the worship of their illicit sex with men, women and children guru program continues, and Sulochana was simply one of many victims of this program, and it continues onward. They still vociferously enforce their illicit sex "God's successor's" so-called guru chain. 

In sum! If you chose to reject the worship of a founder father of the molester messiah's program -- ok like Jayapataka -- and point out his fraudulent program, you won't be allowed to do that. You'd have to accept that he is bona fide, and no one is allowed to say differently. And in Romapada's zone, you'd better say he is bona fide or face getting booted off the property and so forth. Not only you'll be booted out -- but even the GBC is booted off the Brooklyn property for not going along with the Romapada program. Its all about goonda level enforced "keeping various people in seats of power -- and control of property and money." 

Meanwhile NYC devotees tell us the Radhanath building does not even have Srila Prabhupada's books on their book table. Yet he is a big guru in their program, and same thing, we cannot criticize him and stay in ISKCON. Looking at the whole situation, easily they have removed thousands, probably 10,000 maybe more. Yet that is not the real issue, they have burned the mission to toast with their bad publicity project which has caused BILLIONS of people to reject the religion. 

And because of that, the mission also lost $$$ BILLIONS of dollars in revenue, and so on. And because they orchestrated the children being molested they burnt the next wave of devotees to ashes, it was a total scorched earth process. That is why Sri Isopanisad says these false gurus go to the lowest regions, they not only go to hell, they want to drag the whole world to hell with them, so they have to be put into a place where they will do not more damage. Someone asked me how could they do all this if they believed in God, and my answer was, they do not believe there is a God, plain and simple. So they have to go to the planets where such cretins will be punished. ys pd  

Apparently they know where they are going:

Yep, more ex-Indradyumna etc. folks are getting on board:

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