Monday, October 31, 2016

Writing to the New York State Attorney General

[PADA: First of all, the GBC says that God's gurus, messiahs and "God's parampara of successors" are also God's "living representatives on earth." Then they say, their "voted in" gurus -- and living representations of God -- are often "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and possibly children." 

OK this is for starters fraud, because Srila Prabhupada never teaches that God's gurus and successors are illicit sex, rather he says it is a severe offense to consider God's representatives and gurus as fallen. Next, these leader are teaching this nonsense to children, that God's Jesus-like guru successors are often engaged in illicit sex with men, women and possibly children, which is corrupting the morals of minors. Its like showing porno to minors. This would be considered as criminal also by the founder of ISKCON. Yep, lets write to the AG (address below) and complain about these rogues! ys pd] 

It is currently being argued that the only persons who have STANDING in the matter of the sale of the Brooklyn ISKCON temple are those who have donated $$ regularly to the temple.

To which I say: "Anyone who has served the NY yatra, at ANY time, has standing. Seva trumps $$ since it is PRICELESS (the benefit & value cannot be measured)"

This wider group, naturally, includes THOUSANDS of individuals .. not just the current small number of Brooklyn congregational members. SO MANY of Srila Prabhupada's direct disciples have served or visited NY yatra over the years.

There is a very determined effort to exclude the MANY in order to benefit a FEW, and net the proceeds of a $60 to $80 million dollar sale, which will then fall into the (unaccountable) hands of 5 people.

Every disciple, life-member, and grand disciple Has Standing in this debate, regardless of what the profiteers, NY temple managers, or their GBC supporters may think.

Please, write any concerns/ observations/testimony to the NY State Attorney Generals office at

The more of us who write to the NY Attorney General, the less likely this sale will go forward. It is now BLOCKED from sale by the AG's office since the building is a non-profit CHARITY.

The property and contents falls under the jurisdiction of the NY AG since it is a charity, without their approval it cannot be sold, or they may recommend the case be sent to court for adjudication (resolution). For more than a year, there has been total refusal to disclose any information regarding the sale. Who gets the money? Where do the Deities go? Why the sale? The Brooklyn County Recorders Office shows 5 individuals "owning" Bharati Center Inc., defined as "A Charity"

5 individuals do not own this. We do...all of us. All of us have an interest in the future of NY Yatra.

A number of us already watched the wonderful 55th St temple go without protest. It turns out that one of the signatures on that sale was fraudulent. However, there is no way to recover that loss

Don't let this happen again.

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