Saturday, October 22, 2016

Eight Reasons Why ISKCON Will Disappear

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Eight reasons why ISKCON will disappear.

With all alarm signals lit, the dying body (in Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Costa Rica, you choose the country) Prabhupada's movement is facing its last moments.

It is not an accident that someone becomes sick, especially if you have done everything possible so that everything goes wrong. 
ISKCON, with a doctorate in the field of deviation, is now facing a silent crisis which is way worse than the noisy crisis of 1986. And I say worse for one simple reason: in 1986 the GBC resolved to try to fix things; in this case, they may not do so.

The degree of blindness is so obvious, anyone (even a blind man) would realize that he is walking near a sewer. They have a sewer under their feet, but some do not perceive it is nauseating.

The problem of the properties. 

After the movement realized it can not have property in the ISKCON name (gurukuli trial, etc.), "trusted people" were required for all properties in their name. Result: there are places where these depositories act as owners or lend to pressure mechanisms to gain favors, prerequisites and influence. The result, often criminal, is that they can not be controlled, and the first golden rule of failure is true: "You can not trust the devotees."

The problem of transparency: 

Because you can not trust the devotees, much less can give them information, then, any opening up and revealing one's concern is a sign of weakness. Strength, obtained from behind the scenes private meetings and secrecy, shoots levels of suspicion to the fullest. Those innocent (assuming that they are) have the amazing dilemma of choosing who will be manipulated: He who is openly corrupt, or who keeps so many secrets that even his own mother can't trust him, because he will cover up the truth in a conspiracy of silence.

The second golden rule of failure is true: "Do not inform the devotees."

The problem of opening yourself up: 

Naturally, when you're immersed in a crisis of this kind, keep with people who share your goals and way of thinking, so nothing can change. That's common sense. In the movement should not exist so many discrepancies, at least regarding the important issue: who's in charge here? If those who think like you are not prepared, that it should be a well oiled machine, instead it becomes pandemonium. Prisoners of megalomania, full of oaths and submissions, the fresh air is synonymous with torture, or at least tortured minds. 

The result is obvious: good intentions, even with so-called deep inspiration of Prabhupada, are gaining the way to the Patalas. The third golden rule of failure is true: "Do not open up the game to those who think differently."

The problem of money: 

In this world, economic management is key. For that, only trusted people can handle it. What happens when those handling the silver are not trusted or trained? Let's look at the movement: the result is a fierce demonstration of the inability in power. Good intentions were never enough in the history of man. It came with a masochistic movement theory, denying all material qualification and carrying the meaning of confidence at a level that would envy the mafia itself. the fourth law of failure is true: "You have to give money to anyone who gives guarantee of subordination."

The problem of responsibility: 

We all know at least a number of egregious scandals where almost everyone was complicit and responsible. The lesson given was clear: if you're with us, you are beyond good and evil. This is a paradise for those who are quick to offer their hands of support, but put a question on the table: Who is responsible for the disaster? Gentlemen, it was possible to design a horizontal structure where no influences (huge), but no final responsibilities. Nobody will pay the piper because the fabric is so corrupt that if something is obviously bad, it's because your eyes are contaminated. The fifth law of failure is true: "We are personalistic, but when it comes to fixing corruption, we are totally mayavadis" and so we ignore the problems, and think we should meditate on the void.

The problem of leadership: 

Put a stop to this problem requires a steady hand. Clearly, all combined hands GBC absolutely can not change this at present: if not, they would have already done that in the past. It is not uncommon to see that countries with dictatorial streak in their genes (which were part of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact) and those who love the monarchical submission (India) are the fastest growing numbers of devotees. 

They will not question what is going on around them. In the West, thanks to Plato, this toad is not swallowing just anything. It is for this reason that the thing does not grow or grow in these parts. The sixth law of failure is true: "Never question your position or your reality Everything is a plan of Krishna, and the problem is that you do not realize that."

The philosophical problem: 

Explain the Lord's instructions, resolve the dilemmas of life, things are obviously necessary. If one should devote more time to explain how this disaster is an oasis of compassion, or null interpersonal reasons are the key to a happy society, or promote the most grotesque, medieval and bizarre visions as a panacea for the excited man is that there is no clear direction to take. The lack of update is notorious because of the lack of intelligence to apply learning; study because the system does not seek the freedom of the individual, but submission. 

It is a Trinad api sunicena in the sickest possible aspect. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu would use Sudarsana Chakra with all these people if it were in His manifest pastimes. the seventh law of failure is true: "When it comes to the goal, no contemplations, any argument applies."

The spiritual problem: 

If someone appears here to seek God with everything, find it a Persian market, where your wallet will show what kind of karma is. Finding Krishna between burgers, books, saris or bracelets is not the kind of strategy that will guarantee success. Go to the temple in your area, and see how many new devotees there per year. Consider those who have ceased to be devotees, and the number of classes that have occurred. Sumen, subtract, divide and multiply (zero). So they make a few people, they lose a few people, and nothing gets to prosper. 

The result indicates that not only do we have sick spiritual people, but we generate antibodies in them. The eighth law of failure is true: "I do not care about your problems, just give me your money and go."

This drama has no solution. It like the Titanic, it would take only minutes to be finished sinking. The big problem is that too long until Kalki appears. And just in case I say it clearly: there is no institution or related to Vaishnavism substitute that is free of these points. Vaishnavism needs, more than ever, transparent and democratic process to ensure their survival strategies.

ISKCON only avoids criticizing any approach to this solution. With this, we remain a medium level planet without real access to the Supreme Lord. There will be much orthodoxy as blind followers. And on blindness, it is already clear who can not see, and those who do not want to see.


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