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Sulochana Dasa vs Hitler Prajalpa program

So many Hitlers came and went ... 

PADA: Thanks prabhu, yes thanks for sending me the link where the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC Jaipur folks web site says "we need more people like Hitler and Sulochana." Ummm yes, they are lumping in Sulochana with Hitler, and they are lumping in Hitler with even Lord Krishna for that matter. Correct!
Sulochana prabhu and me discussed the whole "Zionist taking over ISKCON" idea when he was here, because this idea was popular among a few devotees even then. Sulochana said this is a bad idea for him to promote, since it will detract from his attack on Kirtanananda, who was a baptist. 

Sulochana also noted that many of the GBC's folks and their followers are from India, and many of their helpers like Gaura Govinda maharaja, Sridhara maharaja, Narayana maharaja, BP Puri maharaja etc, are from India too. Thus, if he made the anti-Zionism approach -- it will distract and diffuse from the entire issue, which is -- that some bogus people will pose as gurus, whether in India or anywhere else. In addition, the whole Gaudiya Matha guru program was done in 1936 in India. 

Sulochana thus thought we should focus on the malefic association of the GBC with these Gaudiya Matha folks, and so we should go after them and their ideas mainly. Sulochana also thought anti-Zionism would make us look a little fanatical and bodily conscious, so he did not want to use that argument. 

In addition Sulochana found several quotes where Srila Prabhupada said we should not read books about Hitler, or even discuss him. More importantly, Srila Prabhupada says Hitler's program was a total mundane failure, so why would we want to promote a mundane failed program?   

And when these anti-Zionist guys connect with ordinary people, they seem to look very foolish, something Sulochana said he did not want to be associated with. For example -- one of these anti-Zionist devotees was arguing with a Jewish woman recently, and she had to point out to him "you folks are more on the bodily platform than we are -- or ever will be, we never mention a person's bodily origins." 

OK the anti-Zionist devotee was making the Krishna religion look foolish, and making the Jewish lady look far superior in terms of bodily identification process. That is not the aham brahmasmi platform. So the anti-Zionist fellow lost the argument before he even started, and all he did was turn off some people from ever adopting the Krishna religion. 

Meanwhile, a female friend of PADA was chastised that she cannot come into their anti-Zionist forum and ask questions because "she has a woman's body." So these are more examples of their modes of ignorance agenda, bodily identification. All they accomplished was, they made this woman think they are totally bodily identified modes of ignorance people.

Meanwhile this same woman knows that discussing the Hitler and anti-Zionist process is a foolish waste of human life, because Srila Prabhupada says it is. She is way more advanced than they probably ever will be. In addition, this lady has a nice little "Prabhupada centered" temple at her house where she has programs where outside people actually come and worship Lord Krishna, which seems to be something the anti-Zionist folks cannot get together, or barely.

Anyway, I agree with Sulochana, the idea that we have to fight the Zionists is first of all -- never going to happen, its a false flag battle against nothing of substance. The Zionists, whomever they are, cannot ever be sued or taken to court or defeated in any case, because we cannot go to court and start a lawsuit against "the Zionists." Its total foolishness and a diversion from the real issue, just as Sulochana said it would be. 

And, almost no devotees or even materialists wants to participate in Nazi-ism, anti-nationalism, or any form of race war, ok it might have got some traction in 1945, but its no longer 1945? Has anyone told these guys, WW II ended already? And your hero Mr. Hitler, lost and died in infamy!

Meanwhile, if anyone actually does go to battle against the GBC, these same neo-Nazi guys are totally infuriated that PADA has: --- Helped have the GBC sued for changing the books, molesting the children, that we helped the Federal Authorities with advice before they raided New Vrndavana, we helped provide documents for another lawsuit aimed at reestablishing Srila Prabhupada as the acharya, and moreover we were the first to publicly promote the poison issue. 

And they want us to listen to their other heros, the GBC's biggest bootlicker defenders like Bhakta das and Hari Sauri? 

On the side of Judas? 

Anyway, Sulochana says he does not want to be associated with Hitler-ism, or anti-Zionism etc, which he says will spoil his message. And Srila Prabhupada says he does not want us to read about Hitler ... or even discuss Hitler. And moreover Hitler is a failed mundane program. Yet that is the first thing these guys do, they lump in Sulochana and Srila Prabhupada and Krishna with their bodily identified program, which none of them ever wanted to be associated with. 

Anyway yes, most devotees and ordinary people can recognize they are cranks and their agenda is not being taken too seriously. More importantly, they cannot seem to accomplish much of anything practical, as everyone pretty much noticed already. Much barking, no biting. Yes, they also said that Sulochana was more or less a demon because he was taking taxi driving money from me, and that makes him sinful. So they promote Sulochana, then call him a demon? Heh heh heh, yep, probably lots of pot smoking or even PCP snorting going on in this group ... agreed. ys pd  


Prabhupada: That is said, man-mana. Think of Krsna; He'll guide you. Very easy thing. Man-mana. Always think of Krsna, then there is no question of falling down. Man-mana bhava mad-bhakto mad-yaji mam namaskuru [Bg. 18.65]. These four things, if strictly done, he is safe. He is safe. 

Always think of Krsna, become His devotee, offer Him obeisances and.... Man-mana bhava mad-bhakto mad-yaji, and worship Him. This is Deity worship. That will engage in always in thinking, in offering obeisances. And if we strictly follow only these, these four principles, mam evaisyasi satyam te: "You are coming back to Me without any doubt." But instead of thinking Krsna, we are thinking something else, planning something, misusing independence.

Prabhupada: ...means ahankara-vimudhatma. The more we get material possession, our false egotism increases. "I have got this. I have got this. Who is more powerful than me?" Adhyo 'bhijanavan asmi ko 'nyo 'sti sadrso maya. These are described in the Sixteenth Chapter. 

What is the meaning of this ahankara? Because vimudhatma, that "I have got this motorcar. I have got this property," but within a second it can be finished. There is another, superior law. That he forgets. He sees actually, but he forgets. That is called vimudhatma. He is seeing, everyone. Of course, our time and nature's time, little different. So many Hitlers, so many Napoleons, so many Gandhis, so many Jawaharlal came and went. But they do not see. 

Pasyann api na pasyati. They are seeing actually; still they do not see. Blind. In India the Mohammedans came. They ruled over. Where is the Moghul? The Englishmen came. Where they are? Everything gone. Pasyann api na pasyati. This is called vimudhatma. That is going on. The material civilization means ahankara-vimudhatma. By false egotism they are bewildered and rascals. Bhaktivinoda Thakura has translated this, that jada-bidya jato, mayara vaibhava: "All this material advancement of civilization is the paraphernalia of maya." 

Because you cannot enjoy it, but you are thinking, "I possess so much. I possess so much." You'll not be allowed to enjoy, but still.... Therefore all these material possessions are the paraphernalia of maya. So what is the wrong there? Now, wrong is this, jada-bidya jato, mayara vaibhava, tomara bhajane badha. They are hindrances for advancement of Krsna consciousness. That is the aim of human life. That, you forget that. So tomara bhajane badha, anitya samsare, moha janamiya. 

The result is that he becomes more attached to this temporary world and remains the rascal. Because without being rascal, nobody comes in this material world to enjoy. As soon as anyone has come to this material world, he's a rascal. Krsna-bahirmukha hana bhoga vancha kare, nikata-stha maya tare japatiya dhare (Prema-vivarta).

Cyavana: Srila Prabhupada? In some parts of the Bible it describes how things were being carried out, and they say that the activities were going on according to the will of God. Does that mean that there was a God conscious civilization then?

Prabhupada: Activities? These activities are going on. The sun is rising by the will of God; the moon is rising, will of God. You are being punished by the will of God. He is the Supreme.

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So first thing is that suppose somebody speaks of me very harshly. Naturally we become angry. Just like somebody calls me, "You are dog," or "you are hog." But if I am self-realized, if I know perfectly well that I am not this body so you call me hog, dog, or king, emperor, majesty, what is that? I am not this body. So either you call me, "Your majesty," or you call me a dog or a pig, what I have got to do? I am neither his majesty nor a dog nor a cat—nothing of the sort. I am servant of Kṛṣṇa.

So this requires little training. Actually this is the fact. Suppose I have got some dress, black dress. Somebody calls, "You black dress," is that cause of anger? Somebody calls you black dress. So this is simply my false identification with the dress that I become angry. Actually if I am self-realized, self-disciplined... Self-discipline means not to identify with this body. That is self-discipline. It requires training of course.

(Srila Prabhupada, 69/02/12 - Lecture BG 05.26-29 - Los Angeles)

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  1. Right, they are promoting a video "the real life of Hitler," meanwhile, they forgot to find out that Srila Prabhupada and Sulochana said they do not want to be associated with this neo-nazi program. In other words, they have more concern for what Hitler wants than what Srila Prabhupada or Sulochana want. You got it. ys pd


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