Saturday, October 29, 2016

Brahma Tirtha Dasa (Robert Cohen) "ISKCON is a Septic Tank"?

ISKCON is a septic tank?

BTD (Robert Cohen, Gainesville Florida): Did you know about the “septic tank of Iskcon”? “Mother Yamuna’s tears made me a devotee!” Lord Chaitanya never had a chilly pepper. As devotees we are the greatest personalists hypothetically, theoretically, scripturally but how many of you are lonely? How should we treat the protective “wire-mesh” that Srila Prabhupada installed around our tender plant of devotion? I was very bewildered, every one was telling me to do everything, some would say the most important is the chanting, others, reading is the most important thing, others, offering obeisances was the most important, others, prasadam is the most important, it was going on and on and on and everything was the most important. I had no idea what to do!

[PADA: Right, Brahma Tirtha Dasa (Robert Cohen) is a big supporter of the GBC's illicit sex messiahs program, which we had to have sued for $400,000,000 for mass child molesting, while us protesters to the BTD molester messiahs program were being banned, beaten and assassinated. 

BTD is thus one of the persons who co-created making ISKCON into a septic tank of deviations, including sexual predator gurus and acharyas. Did we forget to mention that Brahma Tirtha's best pal Jayadvaita swami (Jay Israel) says that in ISKCON, we may find that their gurus and messiahs are "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and possibly children as well." 

Apparently, worshiping sex with billy goats is the only thing forbidden in their process? 

What kind of messiahs is BTD giving to little children? BTD is clearly preaching that children need to worship his illicit sex messiahs program. Children need to worship an illicit sex guru lineage to attain God? Isn't this illegal corrupting the morals of minors? Where does Krishna say that we need to worship illicit sex with men, women and children -- to attain Him? Is that what God would say? Well yes, according to these folks ... So we would argue that since there is nothing in the ISKCON charter that says little children should be educated to think their gurus and messiahs are sexual predators, it would be illegal to teach them that way using the name of ISKCON, as the Brahma tirtha program has been doing now for decades. 

Brahma Tirtha is also a big supporter of Krishna West, the people who reinstated the worship of a known sexual predator as the messiah of ISKCON, at least they list him as one of their supporters. This is odd isn't it, in the beginning of an article from a person who claims to promote ISKCON, he says -- ISKCON is a septic tank? Is this a Freudian Slip? Or is he among the alleged conspiracy of Kali disciples to drag ISKCON into a cesspool? Actual ISKCON is Krishna, its not a cesspool, but those of you who misrepresent it are the cesspool. ys pd]

The ISKCON Resolve committee, has "resolved" -- to promote their illicit sex with men, women and children messiahs program? Heh heh heh!


  1. Well OK, he is a humble nice guy, but we reported the child molesting, the crimes at New Vrndavana, Hansautta with a machine gun, and many other things, years and years before the actual Windle Turley lawsuit.

    I remember Brahma Tirtha telling me that I was an offender. Or was I trying to save ISKCON's children and save his party from $400,000,000 lawsuits?

    BTD is now in league with the people spending $20,000,000 suing Bangalore, while there is no money for helping the abuse victims, there is always tons of money for lawyers in his program? And then the USA lawyers apparently sued them for not paying for helping them with the Windle Turley problem, and at the same time, they started a big lawsuit in India, while they already could not pay for the first lawsuit?

    Brahma Tirtha could do a lot if had worked with us, instead he said we are the bad guys and the bogus leaders are the good guys, which enables the false process. First of all, he apparently does not even agree that our parampara of gurus are not debauchees, he says the GBC idea that the parampara are often deviants is the right idea? And he works with the team promoting that idea. His type are apologists and cover ups for the regime, as many victims and some ex-kulis have told me.

    Telling little children that their gurus from God lineage are often debauchees is flat out hideous in my opinion. This is a crime against children, still going on now. ys pd

  2. He is good friends with his neighbor Harikesha, but not so friendly with us, well jeepers, doesn't that sum it up pretty good? He is friends with the past and present leaders of the abusive program ... yup! ys pd

  3. Correct, since BTD's GBC guru program says that God's successors are debauchees and sewer trash, the means BTD program is really saying Krishna is a debauchee and sewer trash, because the successor is the same quality as the original. So BTD program is openly preaching that God is a piece of sewage because His successors are sewage, and that is why the GBC loves this guy, they are all preaching this idea unitedly.

    So this is amazing, BTD program goes to Gainesville to preach to the Christians there that God is a piece of sewage because His successors are also sewage. Then they wonder why they are not converting hardly anyone?

    The good news is the Christians are rejecting these ideas and that is why their BTD program is failing in the usa.

    So therefore to answer your question, no, I do not think there is any sincere person on the entire GBC program, because if there was, he would not help promote the GBC's main idea, that God's successors are often debauchees and sewage trash.

    Yes, that includes Bhakti vikas swami because his followers just now informed me that it is common for acharyas to fall into debauchee behavior and fall into the sewer, so he is also teaching children that God is a piece of sewage because so are God's successors. If there is one of them who is not preaching this, who is he? Send me his name and proof he is against this idea to ys pd

  4. Thanks for your question Mr. B.C. No, our materials are not copyrighted. Yes, you can reproduce or re-send this document, or any of our other documents, without any need to ask us for our permission. Thanks for your interest. ys pd

  5. Right, so if the institution supported by BTD / Bob Cohen says (A) Krishna is pure, therefore (B) His guru successors are shaksat hari pure as well, but then the leaders of BTD's institution change the whole system and say no, (C) the successors are often debauchees, that is like saying (D) Krishna is a often a debauchee, because His successors are often debauchees.

    No religion can last by preaching that God is often a debauchee because His shaksat successors are often that way as well. We have to say that Krishna is pure, therefore His successors are pure, if we want a religion based on His teachings.

    The good news is we are building up a group of people who do agree with Krishna, that He is pure and so are His successors.

    So this seems to be the trouble with the BTD /Bob Cohen religion, they are saying God is a deviant because God's successors are deviants, therefore they think God is a deviant or a demon. Then they wonder why their institution has so many deviations going on?

    The gold standard of God and His successors is -- deviation? That will make the whole society trend toward and attract deviation ... I am a little surprised that they want to teach little children that God is a deviant because His successors are deviants, they want to corrupt little children with their odious idea that God is shaksat "equal" to sexual predators and criminals? ys pd

  6. Correct, the demons say God / Krishna is a debauchee, and Bob Cohen program says God / Krishna is a debauchee because His successors are debauchees. People are catching on here! ys pd

  7. Agreed, send the Brahma Tritha dasa aka Bob Cohen program's real agenda to the New York State's Attorney General office, Florida's AG office and so on, and link all these folks together as a conspiracy of fraud to make the Krishna religion into their personal illicit sex bogus messiah's pooja program. The people who teach children that God's gurus and successors are illicit sex debauchees need to be identified by these authorities, and investigated fully, and perhaps other government agencies should be alerted. Yep, this is fraud! Go for it! Of course all these people and their real agenda is all linked ... you got it! ys pd


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