Wednesday, October 12, 2016

More Trouble in the Narayan Maharaja Campus

[PADA: Yep, she does cut to the chase in here eventually, its a big mistake to put conditioned souls in the post of guru. This creates a fanatical and potentially violent atmosphere. Yep, what we said all along. 

Bravo to this lady for trying to rectify some of these issues, very courageous on her part. If anyone has more details on any of these allegations, or can explain this story more simply for the layman who is not familiar with the different infighting groups in their camp, please send to For starters we'd like to know who "Didi" is. ys pd] 

EXTREME VIOLENCE IN K.B. Mandir-seva kunja. 

A deviated line?



This note has been edited to respect the privacy of the victims herein.          

Although I wrote a note some days ago for a day, I removed it. Many sannyasis wrote to me and congratulated me, and they asked me to put it up again. They said, and I quote “this is Gurudeva inspiring you to make them stop all their non-sense.” So I am re-posting the note edited.        

[PADA: Swell, so the big "men" swamis in the NM camp apparently know there are bogus swamis and gurus, maybe death threats, and maybe crimes going on, and yet they are sending a woman out to do the fighting FOR THEM on this issue to correct the situation, while they sit around having tea and crumpets? Yep, its the battlefield of Kurushetra, so lets send out the women with kitchen utensils to fight our war for us? Of course we were getting death threats from the GBC guru program while NM was promoting that project as well. Apparently NM thinks he is authorized to create death threats programs? And now some of his leaders are up to the same thing? And his other leaders are dispatching a woman to control and contain this program?]     

I am writing this to DAMOD,  MSM, and KPD. I am writing because I am very disturbed by the nature of the letters that DM and your KBM group are writing openly and by all the hurtful rumors you are spreading to everyone. You are actively destroying Srila Gurudeva’s Sanga. You are destroying everything Srila Gurudeva has worked so hard to create. I travel around the world and see how so many people around the world complain about you and how you come and speak with such a hateful mood. You are always speaking badly about different Vaishnavas. You are always criticizing and fault-finding.   

[BV Damodara Maharaja / Krishna Balaram Mandir, 223 Seva Kunj, Vrindavan]

Recently KBM posted in face book telling all their followers to go and beat up a very elevated Vaishnava, -- Premananda Prabhuji, who has served day and night Srīla Gurudeva for forty years with all his heart and soul. They posted this in all languages. Also DAMODAR M is repeatedly attacking Sripad Premananda Prabhu by insulting him calling him names like “rogue, liar, cheater, sahajiya, disgrace, atheist, charlatan” etc. 

Not long ago they sent followers to go beat up a brahmachari in Rupa Sanatana Gaudiya Math. This violence and attacks are only the doings of a demon party.
Is this realḷy Vaisnavism? This is NOT Vaishnavism! Srila Gurudeva wanted that his whole mission would spread around the world and that all the Sannyasis and preachers would be respectful to one another. But you and your group are not doing that. 

Actually, the worst part is when MADHUS M. went completely against the teachings of Srila Gurudeva in regard to Srila Svami Maharaja’s Svarupa, and ONLY PRAMAN, evidence, is a dream he had. Srila Gurudeva has told so many times never trust dreams, they are not true.     
Srila Gurudeva has taught so many times that Srila Svami Maharaja is a Gopi directly, even once he revealed the color of her dress as a gopi, he revealed it was red. So I can never ever be cheated by anyone else’s opinion. And what did Srila Gurudeva do when you started spreading this thing going completely against Srila Gurudeva’s teachings? It is clear everywhere. 

Srila Gurudeva said that Srila Svami Maharaja is certainly a maidservant of Srimati Radhika. But you say that a maidservant is now meaning a priya-narma-sakha! This is ridiculous and your praman, evidence, is A DREAM? This just shows to the intelligent part of the sanga, even to those who have a brain the size of a pea, will know your deviation and low level of realization.
So your party are destroying Srila Gurudeva’s Sanga. Better you say this is your own idea, but why are you trying to put this idea on Srila Gurudeva’s teachings, imposing it as if it was his and thus perverting them? So Srila Gurudeva is therefore destroying your group himself. Now you cannot preach around the world. You are not accepted in Srila Gurudeva’s temples, and most of Srila Gurudeva’s devotees will not host you or the preachers of KBM around the world. 

Who do you think is doing this? Because of your offense going against Srila Gurudeva’s words, Srila Gurudeva himself arranged this. So you brought this on yourself! I am sure of this.            

I see all your behavior criticizing devotees and Vaishnavas around the world and just think, “How they you not afraid of aparadha like this?” Not only are you doing aparadha, but you are encouraging your followers and group to also offend Vaishnavas without any fear. And thousands of people have to witness your low-class behavior! You are inciting violence and aparadha to all your followers around the world. Do you think no reaction will come to you? 

Do you actually think you are immune to making aparadha? Do you think you will not go straight to hell for offending such elevated and dear Vaishnavas? Do you actually think Krsna will not punish you? You are always preaching against Vaishnavas, but even I, to whom you have always criticized around the world to others, have never gone around campaigning against you or your group, but instead, we have encouraged your disciples to follow you. I have praised you to them in order to increase their faith in you so that they could progress. Isn’t that what is supposed to be done by a devotee preacher?           

I have directly seen with my own eyes dozens of people come from KBM to see Premananda Prabhuji, when they say they are disciples of DAMODAR what does he say? Very good, you should take diksha form him, you are lucky he is qualified. So many times I have seen this. On the other hand, whoever goes to KBM comes back saying how Didi, MSM, DM insults Prabhuji FOR HOURS, talking rubbish about him, and so does all of her followers and sannyasis. 

What is the nature of a Maha-bhagavat Vaisnava? Srila Rupa Gosvami states in upadeshamrita: Nindadi-sunyam-hrdam-ipsita-sanga-labdhyam. THEY NEVER CRITICIZE! This is REALLY how one can recognize a maha-bhagavat. But you are only criticizing and criticizing. It is your daily sadhana, daily practice.

You think this is pleasing anyone? Krsna? Gurudeva? Never! Gurudeva himself is destroying you all because you are such aparadhis! You have no shame! You have taken it so lightly to speak the worst aparadhas, like barking dogs. Barking, barking, barking, like dogs, like animals. But you call yourselves Gurus, Madhyama-adhikaris and Maha-bhagavatas and GURUS! Nonsense! You are a shame and disgrace on Vaishnava society and the sanga of Srila Gurudeva! You are destroying Srila Gurudeva’s Sanga all over the world. Now everyone is divided and fighting because of you! Who is the cause? You! You are the cause and the disgrace to the Sanga!        

Although people daily beg Prabhuji to give them harinam or diksha he refuses saying, “I am not a guru. You can go to Madhava Mahārāja, Tirtha Mahārāja, DM, Sridhar Mahārāja, take from them, they are gurus, they are qualified.” So who is the maha-bhagavat Vaishnav, and WHO is not? Can you do this? Never. Why? Because in your hearts always envy, and hatred is present at all times. Because you speak sastra, but do not follow it. 

As I write this, I must sincerely say I am in no ones group, I am not part of any institution or organization, I only belong to my Gurudeva and wherever there is pure bhakti and prema ras, that is my society, free from criticism and violence. But I cannot tolerate your insults to these great sevakas of our Gurudeva.           
When I preach around the world, It takes so much effort, time, strength, money to convince someone to start the path of bhakti, and then what happens? Damodar comes and destroys everyone’s faith by his criticisms. You like to go and plant the seed of doubt and confusion. I am not posing as a guru, I am guiding people to the Vaishnavas that can nourish their bhakti. I present my self for what I am, a baddha jiva, a creature of Kali Yuga, a fallen soul who has attained a little of the causeless mercy of Guru and Vaishnavas by serving with all my heart and soul.  I present myself as a fallen person full of faults and with so many mistakes. I don´t try to cheat others like you Damodar, saying that I am a elevated devotee who is pure and therefore has the right to point fingers on anyone calling them names and insulting them.         

Do you actually think this is pleasing Gurudeva or Krsna?           

Maybe you haven’t witnessed the level of bhakti  and realization of Premananda Prabhu, how he is giving sphurtis and bhavas into the hearts of thousands of people. All sannyasis, not only Gurudeva´s, but from many Gaudiya Maths come to get his mercy. How dare you ‘equal’ yourself to him, not even that, but pose yourself of being even HIGHER THAN him and therefore can correct him! 

You have lost all your intelligence and common sense. You only want to find their so called mistakes, and cannot see the service of 40 years to their gurudeva. Gurudeva himself would say “I will personally give him protection, because he is fully surrendered to me.”         

The instant reaction for criticizing such a near and dear disciples of Srila Gurudeva was that while all you from KBM were criticizing BV Tirtha Maharaja, some years ago, few of us were defending him publicly. A lady called Leilei contacted a devotee in Mexico who was defending Tirtha Mahārāja, and was asking, “why is DAMODAR  criticizing him when HE HAS DONE EXACTLY THE SAME THING WITH ME?” 

Then she told all her story, she said she was so confused, how much you, a sannyasa and a guru, flirted with her. She said she was contacted and so heavily reprehended by some maharajas to stop revealing this to others. She left all association of devotees and probably faith too. So my point is, why are you such a HYPOCRITE when you do mistakes with your own disciples? She told that you also have similar relationships with other ladies and she claims that even one was left pregnant. This is what she claims, and I am only repeating her words. You are a disgrace to put yourself like a ‘guru’ and a ‘chastiser’ but  cheats all doing these things.  
I  know you all think, “We are the real Vaishnavas. No one else is a Vaishnava. My Didi is the real Maha-bhagavati. And my MS M is the real maha-bhagavata.  You call yourself Pandits and super scholars and maha-bhagavat Gosvamis, but you actually think criticizing everyone is being a maha-bhagavat? You think this is the meaning of knowing sastra? 

What does Visvanatha Chakravarti Thakura say? What is the meaning of Dhira, sober? A person who has 100% faith in the declarations of Sastra. He is Dhira and he is Pandit. What does Krsna directly say in Bhagavad-gita? Gurudeva gave this point. “That no matter what abominable act a person has committed in the past, if a person is completely absorbed and established in bhakti, he should be considered a sadhu.” Gurudeva gave this point many times, you should consider this person not 95% sadhu, not 99% sadhu, but 100%.  I have faith in this. This is KRISHNA HIMSELF speaking, but you don´t what to follow this important verse, you want to dismiss it and think ‘I know better than Him.’     

Vishvanath Chakravarti Thakur says that those who do not believe in these declarations of sastra, are ATHEISTS, they are APARADHIS. And those who have deep deep faith and follow these meanings are actually the real “PANDITS.” These are his statements. You people quote and quote and speak so many slokas but only repeating like parrots, because YOU DO NOT FOLLOW ANYTHING that is written. For example Rupa Goswami is listing so many types of Vaishnava aparadha, but you COMPLETELY reject his teachings and warnings on sastra, and rather teach your blind neophyte followers to go and act with violence, to go and beat others, to go and hate all, to go and criticize and commit themselves aparadha.          

You have destroyed so many peoples’ faith! Now, instead of following bhakti, some of your followers, they are living in a hellish condition. I know some are taking various types of drugs, smoking, and they are simply going on and on after the more and more different girlfriends, like crazy, and some with psychiatric medications. Why? Because you teach everyone to also make aparadha! 

This is your sadhana. Aparadha, aparadha, aparadha, aparadha, aparadha, ofenses, ofenses, ofenses! You collect offenses day after day after day. This is KBM. This is what you teach everyone! You teach everyone to make aparadha, aparadha, aparadha, aparadha, aparadha! You think this is Vaishnavism? This is only demonic nature! Demonic nature!            

You speak about justice, about making justice, I will give you justice. I should say when I lived in 1996 with Didi and MADHU S M why I left. Nobody knows this. Why? She lied to everyone. To all her followers. I have so much respect for you her, so much love and appreciation of her bhajan. I consider you a saint and 100% pure Vaishnavi. I also consider MSM to be a sadhu, 100%. Whenever I see her, I offer her pranamas. 

Whenever I MSM, I offer him pranamas. From the core of my heart, I have so much respect for them both, even to this day. I bow my head to his feet and give pranamas, sincerely. I consider them 100% to be a sadhus. Why? Because I believe in sastra, that Krsna says, “Api-cet-suduracaro. No matter what abominable acts someone has done, if he is established in bhakti, then he should be considered a sadhu.” Not 98% or 99%, but 100% a sadhu.” These are His words, and it is very clear. And I have faith and I follow. 

That is why I give respect to you. In spite of everything that has happened between us 20 years ago. Can you do the same? IMPOSSIBLE. How can you teach sastra if you don´t follow sastra. Vishvanath Chakravarti Thakur says that those who do not have faith in sastra and don´t follow these instructions are atheists. Even I, a kanistha adhikar,  can follow this simple verse, but KBM cannot, they are not following, only speaking and speaking.   
So now I want to refresh your memory. I give so much respect to Didi and MSM, sincerely from my heart. But let me refresh their memory. Twenty years ago when I used to live there, I used to serve Didi day and night in such a way, that she would tell me, “You serve so nicely. No one else can serve like you.” I served her with so much love. But what happened? One day I caught MSM doing child abuse. 

The boy's name was Nimai, only five years old. I saw with my own eyes. I immediately complained to Didi, who was in the next room with the mother of the boy, Vishnu Priya. She said, “ Don’t say these things. You should hide these things. You should not speak about this. This is not openly discussed.” I was very upset. The mother of the boy Nimai, was so obsessed with Didi, seeing her so elevated, that could not accept that her own son was being touched inappropriately. 

She refused the idea when I came into Didis room and expressed that in the next room, her son was being disturbed by MSM. At this moment I thought: “this is a sect, she is a fanatic.”  I realized the danger of putting conditioned souls in such a high platform, that even if they make any non-sense, you cannot admit it and be in denial.         

The next morning, she came to me and said, “MSM just went to the Yamuna and took bath to purify himself for his sin. He went at five in the morning, took bath in the Yamuna, and cleansed himself of his sin.” Then you told me something that disturbed me even more. You said, “He also went and touched the feet of another child and asked for forgiveness.” When I heard this, I was so disturbed. I cried without stopping. I tried to stay with you but then I said, “I will not live in a house where this is done, its dangerous for us.” I was arguing with Didi about this fact, I was not happy living there anymore as I was afraid that my son could also be exposed to these abuses. MSM was about 14 years old. Thinking he was a kid, at least makes one feel that his mind was not so contaminated to do damage to the kids. Hopefully.

When I was speaking loud, in a tone of discontent,  a lady called Manjari pushed me heavily, and said “get out!” And she threw my clothes out the door. That is the real reason why I left. I was against these types of abuses and doing nothing about it. There was another child abuse with the son of a lady from Chile, she sent her son for learning with MSM, and had to take him out of there for being molested. MSM was about 16-18 years old at the time.  

Mula-prakrti Didi saw me crying and asked me why I was crying, in Keshavaji Gaudiya math, I explained why and she did an investigation with a specialist who revealed the truth of the facts. The five year old Nimai described the phallus of  MSM. Luckily, I always had my son with me at all times, and never ever left him alone with him or anyone. So he was protected as much as I could. But there will always be a doubt in my heart.

Vichitra didi told me Mula Prakriti directly told her about the results of the examination of the boy  Nimai, like eight years after!

The mother of the child Nimai, died months after giving birth to her other son Raganuga. I never saw the husband again or their son. Also the mother of the boy from Chile died a year ago from a lung disease. Mula Prakriti didi, who did the investigation, died some years after. The mother from the Chilean boy, that died a year ago, revealed all this matter about her son being molested by SYAM to Charu Chandrika dasi, from England, who had a very terrible truck accident one year ago. 

You can ask her directly and confirm this matter, if you doubt me. And the other lady who I told some years ago, got all her bones, legs and arms broken when a whole wall balcony fell on top of her from an upper floor. So most of the people who knew this died or have suffered terrible accidents. Some say its tantra, I don´t know.

Didi then changed her story and began blaming me and criticizing me so much, making so much stuff up about me, and convinced her blind followers about this and made everyone against me. I was so hurt. I had served her with so much love and had so much faith in both, and this is what she did.          
This is the past and I have moved on. You said to me, I quote, “The past is the past. Vaishnavas always forgive.” So I forgave you and now MSM completely.  EVEN UNTIL TODAY, I consider them pure devotees, 100% saints. And if I was to find this a fault in them, this would be aparadha. Why? Because Krishna says that in Gita this, that no matter what horrible act one has done, if a devotee is transcendentally established in bhakti, he should be considered a Saint. 
You changed the whole story and I didn’t even know exactly what you said to the people about why I left. You made up so many things to protect MSM. Now I have forgiven. But at first, I was so angry that I took a brick and when MSM was entering Rupa-Sanatana Gaudiya Matha, I said, “I will throw this brick at your head! (I never threw the brick), you should speak the truth! Liar, liar! 

You are a cheater and a liar!” I went to Didi, and said loudly, “Why are you cheating everyone? Why don’t you speak the truth?” I tried to forget about everything. But MSM went to Gurudeva and complained that I was going to attack him with a brick. Gurudeva said to me, “Syam came and complained about your throwing him a brick. Aren’t you afraid to do aparadha?” I said, “Gurudeva, he did something very wrong, very wrong.” Gurudeva kept silent after that and did not reprehend me further.         

But I understood in my heart at that time, that one should forgive and should consider him a sadhu  if he is engaged in bhakti. So time passed. I forgave, but could not forget. I never spoke openly because I never wanted to hurt and break the faith of anyone who had faith in MSM or didi, because they have been absorbed in bhajan. She is doing so much bhajan, and I personally consider her a pure Vaishnavi. I respect MSM’s  hari-katha. 

And I respect how much of an effort didi has done with him. But I can never ever respect the culture of criticism, fighting, and hatred they propagate.

Now one lady Ananga Manjari says that I went to the her temple and asked her to give her my son, in 2003, so then what I am saying is false, otherwise why would I do that. The answer is YES, I went. And I want to ask her if she understands English? Did she read the letter? Does she have some reading comprehension problem? Because the whole note is making the point that I consider them 100% sadhus in spite of their mistakes and lies from the past. This is the teaching of Krishna. I told this like three times, in the previous post, but by this kind of question it seems she did not understand anything I wrote. I am not just writing to write, I actually believe sastra and I apply it to them too.        
I still have love and affection for Didi, although the small boys were molested, she lied to everyone, and put everyone against me. I forgave them because I have faith 100% in sastra, and what Krishna says. She was always very nice to me and helped me so much when I lived with her. So I went in 2003 and offered her help to complete her construction, she said no. I asked her if I could come to her classes she said no! Just see, how merciful she is….. Just see, how elevated and advanced she is! 

I went back like three times,  once I gave pranams to her and offered her honey, she did not want to accept it. I gave pranams to even MSM and to Thakurji. Once I even took my own son and made him give pranams to both telling him, “She is a very exalted Vaishnavi.” This is true. I also told him he has molested some young boys when we lived with them.        

Why would anyone ever like to embarrass themselves writing something of this nature if it wasn’t true? Only a real fanatic would think otherwise, a blind follower would think otherwise.     

I am not posing as anything great or guru like you are. I am not a pure devotee, I am a kanistha adhikar, I am a fallen conditioned soul, I have done so many sins and nonsense in the past, I am a creature of Kali yuga. But let me remind you that sins and anarthas are present in every single person, not in this life, but in millions of lives, and by repentance, humility, bhajan and service to Vaishnavas, this is completely destroyed. 

By feeling like a very miserable and fallen soul, only causes guru and Mahāprabhu to bestow their mercy. It actually attracts the glance of Krishna. It attracts the mercy of bhakti devi. On the other hand: by thinking “ I am perfect. I know better. I am learned. I am so pure. I can correct anyone even those who are hundred times more senior than me. I am all and all!” By being arrogant, full of conceit and pride, you push away, very far a way all of God´s mercy.      

“Pride, arrogance, conceit, anger, harshness and ignorance – these qualities belong to those of demoniac nature, O son of Pṛthā” (Bhagavad Gita 16.4).       

For twenty years didi and MSM and DM made everyone against me and whenever I see any of your followers they look at me like I’m the devil! Like I’m the worst person in the world. I was thinking, “What does she tell them?” Like seven years ago, I was once in Govardhana, and was giving a massage to Uma-didi, and she told me that Acyuta Dasi, your follower, came and said to her, “Why do you allow her to give you massage? She is such an offender! 

Do you know what she says? She says that MSM and didi had an affair.” When Uma-didi told me I thought “What a ridiculous thing to say.” I understood, “This is what she is telling everyone. That I say this? That is absurd. It is such a joke.” I told Uma didi what had really happened and the reason I left her house. You made everyone against me and covered the truth with your lies. But the real facts are quite different.       

If violence and offenses are committed continuously, you should know this is not a pure Vaishnava, and is not a pure place. Gurudeva once told me: “A place where offenses are being done, you should not go there”. I have seen such horrible things in the name of “religion” and so-called loyalty to their gurus, that is just disgusting. People are not even allowed to visit any exalted Vaishnavas like Pujyapada Bhakti Vigyan Bharati Goswami Mahārāja, or any great Vaishnava, and if they do, they are heavily reprehended. This is called a sect. This is called fanatism.       

Why am I bringing this garbage all up? I know there are garbage collectors there who love to collect garbage. All day collecting garbage and distributing garbage. They are always absorbed in taking out garbage and distributing garbage. So they should take also some of their own garbage and know this. Gurudeva himself said that DAMODAR was a pig in his past life. This is why he is so fond of eating stool and distributing it everywhere he goes.       

Well, if you want justice, and talk about crimes and court cases, then I will also do the same for you. I will give you the justice you deserve. We are already in the process. Private investigators investigating your many ‘girlfriends’, all this will go to the press. I will involve high profile lawyers in a suit against you, against your criminal misdemeanors, and against your defamation and spreading of lies. 

You have posted inciting violence and attacks to sadhus, do you know the result of this?          

You are trying to make the lives of Vaishnavas into hell, when they are the nearest and dearest of God and Gurudeva! Therefore Gurudeva is bringing all destruction upon you! We are just silently waiting to see the results of YOUR OWN actions. You can say anything against me but it will not affect me or hurt me at all. Why? Because this is my real position, to be a fallen soul. But in India to pose as a ‘guru’ giving diksha and accepting disciples and collecting money from them, having hundreds of ladies surround you, not following the righteous path of humility, celibacy and inciting violence, is condemned and there is jail for this.  

How dare DM equals himself with exalted Vaishnavs who have served their Gurudeva for 40 years with all their heart and soul? Do you forget when you used to worship Premananda Prabhu and call him a maha-bhagavat when you used to live in Mathura? How does DM have the audacity to judge others and boldly and shamelessly point fingers to such exalted Vaishnavas putting himself as “guru”, when, just a couple of years ago, while giving so-called initiations to hundreds of innocent people, he fell down with one of his “disciples” from Australia? Isn’t that the real reason why didi forbade you to give any more diksha?  But how can someone be a maha-bhagavat, or maha-bhagavati if they are always criticizing others and developing a culture of hate in their group?     

Srila Rupa Gosvami taught the definition of the topmost Vaishnava, the uttama-bhagavat. “Nindadi-sunyam!” “He is devoid of the tendency to criticize others.” So why are you always criticizing? There was a mataji who came from California and was planning to stay six months in your KBM. But she left after only a couple weeks, saying, “I can’t tolerate the culture there of criticizing all other Vaisnavas not in their group. Everyday KPD is insulting one Vaishnav after another. I can’t tolerate it!” So she left very quickly, after planning to stay there for six months. This is the example you give to people? This is your teaching there?        

You are not following sastra, so how can you teach sastra? You can quote thousands of verses, but if you don’t follow the ABC’s of bhakti, “Don’t commit offenses to devotees”, then how are you pandits, gurus, and Vaishnavas? You will be finished, destroyed! I still consider you sadhus. But please stop barking and barking like dogs in the street. Barking and barking vaishnava-aparadha around the world like street dogs. Where are they learning this? How do they have such heavy nature? OH thats right! Gurudeva said once, “Damodar can not change, its his svabhava, nature from birth to be rude and harsh.” It makes me sick. 

Everywhere you are doing your best to destroy Gurudeva’s sanga, and to pull people to you, and teach them your culture of hate. You are teaching your brand new followers to threaten Vaishnavas, to write letters saying they will cut out the tongues of Vaishnavas. You are teaching your followers to say they will kill Vaishnavas. You even sent your Russian followers to Rupa-Sanatana Gaudiya Matha and had them beat up a brahmacari. This is Vaishnavism? Please stop yourself from going to hell! Where is all this pride and hate coming from? This is nonsense! You are making rumors and spreading them and trying to destroy Vaishnavas, but you will be destroyed instead.         

You want justice! I will give you justice! The only reason I haven’t yet is because I do have faith in sastra! I don’t need to know thousands of verses, I just need to know one verse spoken by Sri 

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu: 
amani-manada haya              krsna-nama-sada-labhe                        vraje-radha-krsna seva            manasi-karibe    

“Giving respect to all others and never desiring respect for one self, always chant Krsna-nama, and in your mind, always serve Sri Radha-Krsna in Vraja.”        

To advance in bhakti, I just need to chant harinama, serve Vaishnavas, and remember Gurudeva’s instruction, “Never criticize!” You are making a campaign of hate against devotees, so Gurudeva has directly inspired me to speak up now to stop you. I don’t have any grudge against you. I don’t hate you. I don’t want any ill to come to you. 

I just want you to STOP making offenses everywhere around the world. Stop publishing so much nonsense! Stop spreading so many rumors! Stop whispering lies into peoples’ ears! You are only destroying yourselves! I don’t want to harm anyone, I just want to stop you all from going to hell from vaishnava-aparadha. So this is only a warning. Not so many people will read this compared to if there was a case and the press covered it. I don’t want to harm your reputations. I want to only speak sense and stop you. Devotees have talked to you on the phone and asked you to stop. I sent you a message to stop. We asked you to stop attacking and to apologize, but you only increased your attacks and insults.       

What is the quality of a Vaishnava? One may have done millions of sins in so many lives, but if he is firmly established in ananya-bhakti, he is considered a sadhu! It seems like you talk as if you are someone with so much intelligence, but actually you are foolish if you cannot understand these things. Who gave you this position? Are you the new Yamaraja? Are you the incarnation of Yamaraja, appeared in this world to be the judge of everyone and to condemn everyone! Did Gurudeva give you this post? This is wrong, very wrong.       

You are teaching this offensive behavior to all your disciples, so I am requesting you to stop and start teaching proper Vaishnava etiquette, start teaching respect to all. Instead of teaching only slokas, teach respect., teach humility. But how can you teach what all of you yourself do not have?  You should apologize publicly for all the offenses you have made and all the hearts you have hurt. Otherwise, your reputation will only be destroyed more and more by your own activities, plus you will have hell guaranteed.                    

Last point is, you dare speak against someone who is so highly situated in bhava, and want to insult him for the books he makes. You are so ignorant that cannot recognize who is really a transcendental personality. What is the real meaning of hari-katha? Anyone who has heard continuously the hari-katha from a self-realized soul like Premananda Prabhuji, will understand that upon hearing this transcendental sound, shabda brahman, darshan of Hari Himself will appear in the heart, and you will see how Hari directly is speaking all this words, and coming out from the mouth of the speaker. The listener only having a sincere and simple heart will see all these lilas manifesting in his heart, and Bhakti devi will sit in the heart of the listener and stay there. 

This hari-katha which you are calling “bogus” is actually spoken from true transcendental realization, bhava, its not speculation like you, a conditioned soul, sees it while trying to analyze it with logic and reason. A person can speak and speak sastra memorized, but unless it is fully realized it will have no effect in the listener. ON the other hand, when someone is absorbed in bhava, and speaks whatever, even if it is so called “wrong” in sastra, it is actually perfect, because it is full of bhava, this is actually pure hari-katha and it is real sastra. Why ?because realization manifests in the heart of the listener. And all attachments from this world are instantly cut.     

This katha is not from this world, but that is something you can obviously not understand. Actually this is real hari-katha. This is real sastra,  when spoken all attachments from this world vanish,  the urge to serve God and chant His names awakens, and to do bhajan, to serve Srimati. A shakti is awakened to do seva, laziness runs away, and unlimited taste to chant hari-nam is awakened in the tongue. Unlimited laks are chanted after listening to this hari-katha. This hari-katha is directly the svarupa of Rādhā and Krishna.  

These books are completely spoken by a self  realized soul. And let me remind you that Gurudeva has millions of svarupas as guru, in millions of universes, and in different Kalpas there can be variations of his pastimes. Just like Radharani sometimes takes birth in Raval and sometimes in Barsana. So we are going now to violently accuse and condemn now the two different people who revealed these different birth places?       

Whatever Premananda Prabhuji speaks is revealed in trance, but this is something you cannot understand because you are not in that level, a kanistha adhikar can never recognize a self-realized soul, and frankly I hardly doubt you will ever ever reach this level, due to your continuous offenses to Vaishnavas. Actually KBM reminds me completely of Iskcon, when Gurudeva started publishing his books, BABA! How much they were against Gurudeva. They did all propaganda against Śrīla Gurudeva´s books calling it bogus, calling him a sahajiya, and telling people not to read those books as they were completely misled. So tell me, what makes you different from them?      

Also you want to insult Sripad Premananda Prabhu calling him just a “potato peeler” a “vegetable cutter” well that just shows everyone how blind you are to recognize what he is giving. All his followers do seva all day in the math, cooking, cleaning and cutting vegetables, but externally you may think the are just like “shudras” or “workers”, but internally they are actually having the vision of nitya seva, in transcendental Vraja. Radharani´s kitchen is eternal, and daily She is cooking there. You may see all these boys as “ignorant” or “stupid”, but actually they are experiencing that realm and are entering in that nitya seva, by the mercy of Prabhuji. 

Some are sweeping the stairs daily, externally may look just like a “sweeper” but internally, they are relishing the vision of the divine staircases of transcendental Vraja, full of jewels and gold. A low class devotee, will see them like “workers”, an advanced devotee will see what they are actually seeing and relishing….. You may think, “we are so learned, so qualified, and WE KNOW ALL SASTRA”, but unless you have darshan of all these transcendental places and Entities, unless you can enter into the transcendental realm of bhakti, you are just like parrots repeating and speaking, without any realization., without bhava, without transcendental mood. Many of these people are absorbed in another world, and don´t like to ‘show off’ that they are high or realized. Mahaprabhu has told don´t desire respect for yourself, so they don´t.       

Just remember that every time you hurt the hearts of thousands of people around the world with your words of aparadha, Krsna Himself will be making a new hell for you. Krsna is already destroying your sanga. Everyone is turning against you. People are not respecting you around the world anymore because they see your bad behavior. You are considered a deviation from Srila Gurudeva’s line. Why? Because you are going completely against Srila Gurudeva’s teachings! You want to twist everything! Can’t you see what you are doing? Gurudeva himself will come and destroy you. He is doing this. Not anyone else. So stop all this nonsense spreading lies, criticism, spreading rumors, and preaching hate and inciting violence. You should apologize and start behaving like true Vaishnavas before its too late.           

Many neophyte devotees will be easily convinced by you that I am crazy, I am a killer, that I am a liar, am this or that, so that they cannot accept anything I say as true, that this is all a lie, etc. Yes its all true, I am mad. But please contact these sannyasis disciples of Pujyapada Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami guru Mahārāja, or these well known preachers, and ask them if your presentation from KBM, that the svarupa of Pujyapada BV Swami Mahārāja as a priya-narma-sakha is correct, or not. Ask any of these sannyasis if KBM is deviated from the real teachings of our Gurudeva or not. If  inciting violence, insulting publically Vaishnavas and beating devotees is the real behavior of devotees? One by one you can ask if what I am saying is correct or  if you are wrong and deviated. If violence and insulting Vaishnavas is permissible or not.  

All these sannaysis and preachers agree with me on this point, they all say you are deviated from the teachings of our Gurudeva. -- Sripad BV Ashrama Mahārāja · Sripad BV Nemi Mahārāja · Sripad BV Padmanabha Mahārāja · Sripad BV Sajjana Maharaja · Sripad BV Sridhara Mahārāja · Sripad BV Tridandi Mahārāja · Sripad BV Vaikhanas Mahārāja · Srimati Syamarani devi dasi · Sriman Kishorimohan dasa · Srimati Sudevi didi · Srimati Caru Chandrika dasi   
Holding tight the lotus feet of my divine master, with a straw in between my teeth, I conclude this letter. 

PS I put this post up only for one day before because I did not want to make aparadha, but many sannyasis and devotees requested I put it up again although its distasteful. Someone has to protest against all this violence and arrogant accusations.


  1. Right, probably why Isa cut us off, he knows that he cannot explain why NM supports conditioned souls, narcissistic fools etc. -- as gurus and acharyas. ys pd

  2. PADA: Yes, the first problem with Narayana Maharaja is that he thinks that neophytes should NOT act as priests (ritviks), i.e. those who can be controlled and legislated by a Governing Body, rather he thinks neophytes should make pretend they are as good as Jesus and they can absorb sins, and be worshiped as messiahs, and then they cannot be controlled by a GBC program, they are mavericks.

    So he has never understood what an acharya is, because he thinks any fool can take the post of acharya. That does not work.

    Next, you are right, it appears that a sub-violent criminal element is developing due to NM's mistaking conditioned souls as acharyas, and this is the same mess NM created for ISKCON, and its now afflicting his own program.

    Next, you are right, the sannyasa leaders of his program are just like the GBC, they let some poor woman take all the risks and do all the heavy lifting against the criminality element, while they sit around having tea and crumpets engaged in "hari katha."

    Yep, the sannyasa group are not even as reliable and powerful as this one woman. Agreed. And that means they are less status than the women, as a class, right!

    Next, yep it looks like the leaders there are tolerating all sorts of nonsense and deviations, just like the GBC does, because they are the same gutless wonders posing as leaders. Its a pattern, and NM co-created this process. And this makes life very awkward if not dangerous for the victims ... yup! ys pd


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