Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Gurus attacking -- Gurus?

Bhakti Caitanya Swami Info

He hates the scripture WMM.

How can you at this level of learning, experience of being in the movement go against a basic book on women’s dharma? The accused is not a 19 year.old new devotee who just started his bhakti. No. It’s a seasoned devotee. If after so many years he can’t understand women’s roles in Varnasharama then he’s a lost cause. How can anyone help? On top he won’t submit to authorities in understanding Varnasharama dharma. Not only does he not understand varna, he’s opposed to a scripture that teaches others about Varnasharama. Thus he is a pasandi.

This person’s fit to be abandoned. A strongly worded message of hate from Bhakti Caitanya Swami against the book Women:Masters or Mothers.


From Bhakti Caitanya Swami:

Dear X,
Some of us understand enough Russian to know what he (and you) are saying. Many, many devotees do not appreciate the book, including some disciples of Maharaja. It is not a good idea to print it in Russian. The Russian leaders will probably not allow it to be distributed, and whoever prints it will have wasted their money. Please DO NOT reply to this message. I am not going to get into any discussion about it at all. YS BCS

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[PADA: Umm, the guru's job is to call the other gurus in his line pasandis? Oh heck! So this is what Rocana's living guru program has come down to, their gurus are attacking each other as bogus! What kind of guru line promotes written attacks on -- each other? This is making the whole idea of guru into mundane cat fighting and name calling politicians. Even Rocana says he is making good progress, by publicly attacking his living gurus as bogus. He is another person who says they are (A) gurus and (B) bogus. Why are they attacking -- their own gurus? ys pd]

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