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ISKCON GBC Hindu-ized Plan?

A Disturbing Situation in Atlanta


You Too can Take Part in the Abhiseka Ceremony this Radhastami.

(For the Low—Low Price of Just $20!… Dr. PHD Patel and His Wife Bought the Maha Abhiseka Water Vessel this year for the sum of $1,000 {insert cheers here!}.

Wow, I thought, that's not bad. It is rather cheap, really! Then I wondered how much does devotion cost and can one really put a price on devotion? Later, during the general announcements before the abhiseka, it was announced that Srila Prabhupada's disciples could take part in the Abhisek, as always, for free this year, but people like me would have to pay. 

[PADA: This seems to be new layer of deviation on the part of the GBC, extracting more money from the Hindus since they have basically ruined most of the other sources of income for the society.]

Believe it or not, the above words came from the temple president of this city temple. I am not saying which temple it is other than to say this temple was / is associated with the farm community in rural Tennessee where Gadi Prabhu resides. I mention this, because I am hoping people will listen to Gadi Prabhu and his ideas for reform. As Gadi Prabhu said in a recent article, now that the temple is fully in the hands of the Indian devotees and / or Hindus, it is going to be a real fight to get the temples back into ISKCON.

[PADA: The GBC will never allow "the devotees" to take back these temples, their plan for decades now is to remove the Western devotees and make Srila Prabhupada's temples into some sort of Hindu cultural centers. There is no reason for them to change that plan, since its making them money for their fancy guru lifestyles.]

I wonder, for instance, just how long will Srila Prabhupada's murti be kept in the temple room? Or, how long will Gaura - Nitai be worshiped on the altar? Because politics and circumstances forced me out of this temple, I rarely visit the Lord there, but when I lived there back in 1996, the devotees living in the temple reflected the population of this 4,000,000 + city. 

Back then, the temple had 40% black-bodied devotees, 40% white-bodied devotees, 10% devotees from the Indian sub-continent, and the other 10% were devotees from every country in the world. Now that this temple seems to be completely in the hands of Hindu devotees, on Radhastimi, counting my wife and I, I saw just 4-white bodied devotees, 3-black bodied devotees, and no devotees from any other country except Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. 

[PADA: That was and is the plan, to remove the Westerners and get the more compliant (and wealthy) Hindus to displace the Western congregations, and transform ISKCON into an offshoot of the Hindu program. Some temples have reportedly zero Westerners, except maybe for the Western guru who comes there sometimes to collect his paycheck. And more and more Hindus are being made into the directors and board directors of ISKCON, so the entire property is in jeopardy of being transformed into a full scale Hindu branch.]

There may have been many more devotees working behind the scenes, but this is just what I saw. This temple used to be an outpost of the spiritual world and was for everyone. It had people of all races and ethnic backgrounds attending regularly. What happened?

[PADA: What happened is that the Western devotees asked, where is all the money going? So they had to be removed so these gurus could use the money for themselves and / or for their independent programs without being questioned.]

At the time I lived there, I fought tooth-and-nail for a temple management board. Instead, this temple was ruled solely by a temple president. He took care of all management, especially financial management. I wanted a transparent management board elected by the community, but that was always shot-down (along with every other suggestion I made to rescue the situation). I can almost guarantee that there is a temple board now, and that very few if any of the members on it are fixed-up Hare Krishna devotees.

What is to be done now? The Deity worship may be first-class, the money problem may be solved, but where are the devotees? Where is the preaching? Is Srila Prabhupada happy with this situation?

[PADA: Right, there is little or no apparent interest in making Western devotees, which has been the original aim and object of ISKCON. Its being converted into a Hindu money making scheme, which benefits a few elite leaders. Of course there are some programs in former soviet bloc countries and so forth, but the West is in a tail spin for the most part. This did not happen by accident, this was planned out in detail decades ago and we are simply seeing the fruits of this agenda more and more as their plan ripens and matures. ys pd]

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  1. Yes, the whole New York temple sale kerfluffle is because the leaders there said they wanted to move nearer to the Hindu community. Ok that is where their money is coming from.

    They are not moving closer to a college to preach to the Westerners.

    The Seattle temple is mainly Hindus, and has mostly Hindus on the board of directors -- which some of the other leaders said could be a problem in future because ISKCON has little control over this type of thing.

    The Silicon Valley program is mainly Hindus, Bhakti Vikas Swami is in India with a Hindu following, many of the GBC are in India making Hindu followers, Jayapataka initiates mainly Hindus, and so forth.

    So yes, it looks like they kicked out the Westerners, and made the temples into Hindu cultural centers, because then they could collect money from them. Tamal did the same thing in Houston, kicked out the Westerners and made a big Hindu program.

    So the GBC likes the Hindus because they are not asking too much about their debauchee guru sampradaya of the GBC, so they can keep their idea that Krishna's successors are usually debauchees, and collect money, its what works for them.

    Meanwhile the human society is suffering for want of God consciousness, but they do not care about the human society, they care about making money. Yes, I believe this was their plan for decades, its just taken time for more people to figure this out. ys pd


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