Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pornography Banned in India?


[PADA: Ooops, the ISP called "Pornhub" reported that India moved from fifth the fourth largest viewership from all over the world -- just before the ban. In all 800 web sites were banned, but as the article explains, there are still many other sites and means to obtain porn if someone still wants to get it in India.  

The Supreme Court of India also ruled that such porn sites should not be made illegal. In any case, its interesting that India has such a big appetite for this product. This is another sign India is tilting more towards degraded (Westernized?) culture. 

This crack down does not appear to have much actual teeth of enforcement, so its apparently a mainly symbolic gesture. Of course symbolic gesture is better than nothing. Unfortunately, this widespread porn situation is like the story of Ajamila on steroids. In any event, Srila Prabhupada says mundane sex life is the upside down reflection of our original love for Krishna. Its the binding factor keeping the conditioned souls in the material world. ys pd      

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