Saturday, August 22, 2015

Jyestha Australia Needs Medical Funds

PADA: Well what can I say? When it comes to paying for big shot lawyers, there always seems to be millions on tap, but when it comes to helping the devotees of Krishna, then the well usually ends up being dry. We hope this lady gets the funds she needs for her surgery, and beyond, since medical treatments often require (expensive) follow ups. 

We also heard that some devotees were being encouraged by a local Australia guru to go to the "Sterling Program" week end retreats in Australia, which costs a bundle. Maybe that money would be better used to make a fund for devotee care and treatment. 

We also hope that the leaders of ISKCON start to discuss making a better health care policy for each and every one their devotees so that the devotees are covered by some form of group insurance, government assisted care programs, or whatever it takes to get them covered etc. ys pd 

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