Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rocana is the mortician of ISKCON?

PADA: No twisting and shouting here. We are making many new disciples of Srila Prabhupada. You and your pal Rocana say this is bogus because you have concocted a slew of bogus gate keepers, hoops, traps, ecclessiastical processes etc. so that people cannot become his disciples. Catholic Church ex Cathedra rules? And you are attacking our new disciples as bogus Christians because you are envious that they have found a bona fide guru under our Prabhupadanuga banner.

You want to block their progress, and have them adopt your process, i.e. no new disciples, no new temples, no new nothing. Dead on the vine. And you are quoting Rocana, the post mortem pada of ISKCON. Post mortem pada is your hero, because he has no new nothing, he is the mortician of ISKCON. Rocana's program also has no new disciples, no programs, no temples, no harinamas, no nothing at all.

Yes, we had to wait for 20 minutes to get darshan at our temple, whereas there is no waiting at yours and Rocana's temples because you have none and you never will, your only function is to harass those of us who are making new disciples and new temples. You are never going to accomplish what we are doing because you are simply trying to act as gate keepers to stop our people from being disciples of HDG. You are like the Vatican's College of Cardinal gate keepers against people worshiping the pure devotee.

Thus all of Srila Prabhupada's programs are dying out under your plan, whether varnasrama farms, book distribution, temples, everything has decreased under your plan because as soon as someone reads the book and accepts Prabhupada as their guru, you jump in their faces and tell them they are bogus Christians and you chase them out of ISKCON. So now you have emptied the boat, and that is why there has been a Haitian Disco and now a Bingo Hall at Schemerhorn temple, your program is running out of money, men, everything. Its post mortem. ys pd

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