Friday, October 5, 2012

Public expose vs Public preaching

Lenny Sislac: There is private istagosthi and public eye.

[PD: Lenny you are officially an idiot. The devotees who tried to negotiate privately like Tarun and Chatur Bahu were killed, and private neogitators like Kulashekhara were beaten and hospitalized. You have to go public to expose a dangerous cult, or you will die. You have no idea what you are talking about.]

LS: When Prabhupada spoke before an audience he would never ever speak like that, my guru was poisoned to death by my criminal godbrothers. Was Prabhupada then a number one apologist? So these are unqualified statements. Prabhupada knew, when telling on US TV that his godbrothers have killed his guru and are fighting since 40 years at court over the properties, this would not,

a) have the culprits arrested, and
b) attract the American people to chant Hare Krishna.

[PD: I am exposing a cult? I am not starting a brand new Krishna religion in a foreign land? I am also not HDG? You cannot compare the two of us on any level. My job is different from his job, he was not exposing a bogus religion, he was started a bona fide religion? How are these two ideas comparable? And if you are doing what Prabhupada does, why are you harassing us every single day, day in and day out, follow your own idea, go and preach and do that? You are not doing anything?]

LS: That much common sense is not there, PADA wants de facto Prabhupadanugas to go to the market place with flyers and tell all people of your city, ISKCON leaders poisoned Prabhupada to death.

[PD: I never said that? I said preaching to the public must go on, Lenny has no idea what I said even? We have a ritvik temple here, we do not preach about the poison issue here to the public? We preach general KC, Lenny has to make up statements I never made? I said I needed to expose, a few of us, not everyone else? Everyone else should preach, I said that and now you are saying I never said that?]

LS: And when devotees say, well, our state law says you cannot denunciate people in public without court decision, PADA: you are a GBC puppet.

[PD: Well this is what the GBC says, take us to court, and that is what you say, you are their puppet, we do not need a court, all of us agree these people are criminals, except you.]

LS: So these are foolish methods Prabhupada never approved. In that sense, you are actually attacking Prabhupada. Nowhere Prabhupada would address an audience of guests with, listen, I have to tell you something, my guru's most intimate disciples administered poison and killed our spiritual master to get his properties.

[PD: So your idea is to allow the molesters and poisoners to go scott free? Right, we get it already, you are their top apologist.]

LS: Instead, Prabhupada would always present the teachings of our acarya's and thats it. This is there in the Vedabase thousands of times. Everybody understands this why not you? What is your problem?

[PD: OK so preach from the Vedabase to the public and quit harassing us as you have done for years now, do what you say should be done. You are not, you are a hypocrite. And following your idea, I'd be dead already, I had to go to the police and media, you wanted me to die, you are with them. Go negotiate in private, and you will be buried in the hills of West Virgninia, that was Lenny's plan for me all along. Neine danke! ys pd]


  1. Hare Krishna,
    Appreciating your boldness and the results are there. Now at least, they have to acknowledge that you are alive by criticizing you.

  2. Dear Puranjana,

    Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupad! Nitai Gaura Radhe Syam Sri Krsna Balaram!

    Thank you for keeping up this blog. I appreciate your service and dedication to the truth. This is important work, for there are so many people that want to give instructions as preachers but do not even follow four regulative principles and chant at least 16 rounds. This Kaliyuga is indeeed the era of the cheater and the cheated.

    love to you,

    Bhakta Pete

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  4. Dear Everyone,

    All glories to Srila Prabhupad!

    The following is from Enver Ajanovic:


    Demons too can have a very nice and gentle demeanour. This chilling story illustrates that very nicely. Just look at the most Putana Iskcon gurus who could not care less about destroying peoples lives, raping children or killing their guru. Don't be fooled by their sweet talking. They are demons who got the chance by Srila Prabhupada to become devotees like we all did. Unfortunately , they didn't take that chance.

    If you knew the boy described in this article you would have never guessed that he could do what he did. If he put on a dhoti and tilak , most would probably say that he was a sweet devotee. That's how stupid we can get. Keep your eyes and especially ears open. Be paranoid! That is what one north American temple president told me. He would never have his children touched by any devotee who he doesn't know very well and for a very long time.

    I knew one nice gentle devotee for years. He was an expert kirtan leader, good cook , expert and charismatic preacher and very very sweet and gentle 'devotee'. One day he stood up in front of 50 devotees during one of the Satvatove psychology seminars and admited to raping and molesting at least 50 children as young as five including having slept with his own sister (who was 9 years at the time) and his own brother ( he was 11).

    There is so much sickness out there. Especially in ISKCON temples where many of the worst perverts of the world are flocking because they know that the sinister Putana leadership will shelter and protect them. Don't feed and associate with the snakes! Don't listen to their seductive hissing! You may get bitten badly ! Chant Hare Krsna in assotiation with Srila Prabhupada thru his books and tapes and be happy. That is the safest way.


    Best regards,
    Bhakta pete


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