Friday, October 12, 2012

Letter to Jason

Dear Jason, Basically my realization, for what its worth, is that Krishna is always in control of our minds at all times, because He controls everything.

There are thus two energies of Krishna which will control (and direct) our minds, according to our degree of surrender to the Lord, namely the material or the spiritual.

So we are either (a) controlled by, or under the shackles of, the material energy, or (b) we are controlled and guided by the spiritual energy. When our desire is to be fully independent of Krishna, our minds are fully controlled by the material energy of God, and when we desire to fully surrender to the Lord, then our minds are fully under the control of the spiritual energy.

The problem for most of us spiritual neophytes is that we are in the middle position (c) that we are sometimes surrendered to our material desire for independence, and we are only sometimes trying to surrender to Krishna, this is called mixed devotional service by Srila Rupa Goswmami. So for us, sometimes we are feeling transcendental upliftment, and sometimes we are back to hankering and lamenting on the mundane platform.

Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for this prevarication, which is why -- even when a great mahatma like Srila Saraswati appears, only a very few of his followers become pure. So its not that easy to rectify our trend and tendency to be independent, since after all, we have been on this independent platform for millions of years.

What needs to be done is therefore, to keep trying to surrender to the transcendental side. And in proportion to our surrendering to that side, that will put our minds in control of the transcendental side in proportion. At the same time, what seems to be helping me personally, is that I am trying to see that even my material side is also the energy of Krishna, so I am trying to recycle my mundane tendency by realizing, this is also Krishna.

Other than that, we need to try to develop love for Krishna by the authorized various process of thinking, remembering, hearing and etc. There really is no other truly functional process, since this process is made by the Lord Himself. At the same time, we can also try to dove tail our material side and try to use that for Krishna, this will help get us fixated towards the spirtual side indirectly, because this process helps towards the ultimate goal of full surrender to the spiritual side.

The process that will give us Krishna is given by Srila Prabhupada and there is no need to modify that. At the same time Krishna is very merciful and He will personally help us, but only if our desire is sincere, because He can transform even mundane things to spiritualized things, and place us more in the shelter of the spiritual energy. As we surrender to the spiritual, this energy then gradually takes over our existence, but this generally happens IN FULL PURITY over many lifetimes, its not cheap. I hope this helps. ys pd

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