Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blaming the messenger?

Right, well from my experience, I came out in 1978 and said, deviants are not gurus. All kinds of people vociferously argued with me then and they still do. I really don't care what they argue, I am not going to accept that deviants are acharyas. And that is why the police like Joe Sanchez, the FBI, the USA Federal Marshalls department, and state Sheriffs like Tom Bordenkircher, the media like Kathy Kuspy, Jane Wallace and others, and eventually even karmi lawyers and courts, became my best pals and they conjointly helped me the most, because almost everyone of the devotees (ok except for a few people like Sulochana) said, oh this is all sillyness. Well maybe it is for some, but for those of us who have had our friends offed, beaten and so forth, we take these matters somewhat more serious. In other words, we were proven right in the actual karmi court system, and were proven right a million times over in the court of public opinion, indeed worldwide hundreds of millions of people read about these bogus gurus and they all said you know what, these protestor like Puranjana are right, these gurus are clowns, so whether the mass of devotees will catch up to speed all they way or not, who knows? Who cares? Not my problem. I delivered the message, if people accept good, if they do not, also good. The messenger just delivers the message. Of course, the number of devotees accepting is more and more growing every day, so its encouraging, but that does not change the essential fact all along since 1978, we were and are right, deviants are not acharyas.  ys pd       

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