Friday, October 12, 2012

Message to Frank Hallenstein

Frank thinks that since the GBC's gurus are doing parikrama, bowing down, offering prayers and obesiances, and worshiping a known child molester and criminal in "a samadhi" the holy dham, that makes this "the Hare Krishna movement"? Even cannibals do not worship dead carcasses of homosexual child molesters? The good news is that Frank will someday be elevated enough to take birth as a cannibal and he will no longer be in his molester pooja succession. And since Madhu Pandit is more elevated than the cannibals, and ten million births ahead of Frank, thus Frank does not like him, you have to be less than a cannibal before Frank supports your views. Why is Franks program worshiping known child molesters in the holy dham, when even the cannibals do not worship child molesters, ever, ever, ever? When will Frank come up to the higher standards of cannibal life? ys pd


People who worship dead carcasses of child molesters in the holy dham are not part of human society, in fact they are rejected by even cannibal society. And molester pooja is not even fit for animal society, since animals do not worship child molester's carcasses either. Thus the Sri Isopanisad says these people like Frank's program are "the most dangerous elements in human society who are destined for the most obnoxious regions," .... read: it will take them millions and maybe billions of years just to come up to the higher levels of animal kingdom. They are not connected to God or anything else of value, they are not connected even to animal standards, they are the lowest beings in the entire creation, and that is why they go to the lowest regions. This is all confirmed by shastra: Worship of bogus people as acharyas takes one to hell, plain and simple. And worship of child molesters as acharyas takes one to the *** lowest of the lowest *** of these hells, and for a long duration. Its an insult to God to say His successor are criminals and molesters. No one is allowed to insult God like they are doing every day for the past 35 years, without going down the drain of the kingdom of Yamaraja, and that is where these people are headed, says shastra. ys pd

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